I'm lucky enough to spend my days working with clients that want to create a beautiful space for their child. I love how each project takes on a personality of its own, and forms based on the very people people who will be enjoying it every day. While every single room may not be my personal style, I have an appreciation for how wonderful the end result looks and of course feel pride over my contribution. Obviously, I have my preferences and favorites as far as furniture goes and secretly get excited when someone chooses what I love.

Once again I am extremely excited by a furniture collection - in my mind I have lots of future nurseries dancing around. It'll be one of the ones that I'll give myself an internal high five on when the family picks it.

Introducing: Brixy's Haven Collection

Are you in love yet?

Available Colors: White Linen or Heather Gray. The crib with the upholstered panel is always a light gray fabric, no matter the crib color.

Available Pieces:
Crib with upholstery on both sides - This crib converts to a toddler with optional rail $699
Crib with no upholstery on both sides - This crib converts to a toddler with optional rail $599
Lifetime crib (taller back panel) - This crib converts to a toddler and full size bed with optional rails $699
Long dresser (7 drawers) $799
Single dresser (3 drawers) $599
Changing Tray - Can be used on either dresser $139
Tall dresser - 3 drawers and shelving on top $749
Nightstand $299
Toddler Rail $119
Full Size Conversion Rails $229

Pieces from the collection will be shown on the floor in both NessaLee stores in both colors. If you'd like to see a specific item, contact the store prior to in order to find out which location will be best for you to visit.

Available: Winter 2014 / 2015

NessaLee Baby is accepting pre-orders now.