When I think of the baby gear I have personally tested over the last 3 years it's like the line from the song in the Little Mermaid, "the girl who has everything". I pride myself on having tested so much of what we carry and for the few times I didn't like a product, that's where the road for it ended on our shelves.

I'm fiercely loyal to my strollers. If you've met me and we've chatted strollers then you probably know this. I have a Bugaboo Cameleon and an Orbit. Now while I recognize that no one needs multiple full-size strollers, I own a stroller store. What did you expect?

For 2 1/2 years I only used these two strollers. I never downsized to a lighter weight option or something umbrella style. I love the features that both of them offer. I'm addicted to the smooth pushes and I never found putting them in my trunk to be a burden. We also travel a lot to other US cities or beach destinations and I felt our son was most comfortable with all of the features and I could easily carry all of my beach stuff in the baskets or safely hang on the handlebars.

Then I found out that I had a convention in Orlando, Florida. I knew I wanted to add a few extra days and make a kids trip of it. Our 2 year old wasn't complaining. I, however, briefly panicked. I didn't want to take my full size strollers for fear that they'd be stolen from the theme park Stroller Parking areas. It's totally gross, but does happen. I also needed something that any member of my family could grab, fold and hop on a tram with. Hot days in the parks and running around leads to major exhaustion and I knew the moment we popped our little guy in the stroller he would pass out. So it needed to be comfortable for a bigger kid. 

So, here I am, the stroller guru with my very own stroller dilemma. I walked up and down the stroller aisles in my own store. Even going as far as bringing my son in to test out on the track. I needed a quick fold, a full flat recline, nice sunshade, substantial basket, two cup holders and a travel bag. Facing out only was perfectly fine for me because he is almost 3. And then it was like those scenes in movies where the angels sing.

I was getting a Mamas & Papas Armadillo! This is a product I sell day in and day out in my stores and I definitely believe in it, but using it myself is something that can go one of two ways... So, if you're wondering which way it went, read on!

I am a fanatic about keeping my strollers clean and in good condition. So when I travel I always use a padded travel bag at gate check and I recommend this to all of my customers. "I wish I didn't have that travel bag protecting my expensive purchase." Said no one ever. We actually used our Bugaboo travel bag. We popped off the wheels, threw it in, was able to stick a whole bunch of other stuff in there when we boarded and handed it off to the gate check guy. It worked perfectly and came back to us in pristine condition both.

So I was on my way with 2 cupholders, a Baby Jogger Parent Console, Mommy Hook and a Baby Jogger Cooler Bag. We were accessorized to the nines!

Now I'm back. It was a great time for all and I'm still laughing that our little guy found the hotel pool and slides far more entertaining than any of the parks. While I still maintain my next baby will have a shiny new Orbit G3 and Bugaboo Cameleon 3 - he/she will definitely also have an Armadillo!

- Great push
- Big, Cushy seat
- Extra long canopy to protect from the sun.
- Folds like a dream - for the grandparents too
- Light weight
- Truly flat recline, so mid day park naps were easy breezy!
- Spacious, easily accessible basket

- No snack tray made by Mamas & Papas (but we did use a different brand's and it worked like a charm)

It's safe to say I'll be pushing the Armadillo in more ways than one from now one!

Mamas & Papas is available in NessaLee Baby stores or online at www.NessaLeeBaby.com . We carry the Armadillo in every color and all of the rad accessories I mentioned above.