When I found out I was going to be working on a playroom for Danielle & Kevin Jonas’ new arrival I was excited. But, I am truly excited about all of my clients because what’s not to love about designing spaces for the tiniest of tots? (Seriously, it's an awesome job!) So, when I was at a team meeting and told my staff the news, I was expecting the normal reaction to a project, even a celebrity one. No, not this time. What I heard was a bunch of loud shrieks and cheers, followed by a few people fanning themselves. I was quickly learning a term I had never heard before: Jonatics - And apparently I had a few of these on my team. Who knew? I'm not going to lie, I did give them the slight side eye – But, I generally trust the judgment of the people at NessaLee (I promise they don't usually act like this). I figured that these two must be something special.

Fast forward to the day I first met with Danielle & Kevin at my Livingston, NJ store. We went over baby gear, strollers, their personal style, likes and dislikes. I was an immediate fan. Maybe I wasn’t up-to-date on the Jonas Brothers music (at the time the trio was still together), but I was a insta-fan of Kevin and Danielle as people and as parents-to-be. They were excited, really excited, to become parents. Kevin was just as much part of everything as Danielle was. You could see they were really a team in life and that’s something I respect in couples. They’re also humble, kind, down-to-earth and in additional to having a beautiful sense of personal style (which was one of the reasons I wanted to work with her) there’s something overall classic and graceful about Danielle. What might surprise you most is how hands-on Kevin was throughout the decorating process. He not only looked at designs and helped make decisions, but he physically got up on ladders, applied wallpaper and put together furniture. It might be a good time to mention that at the same time he was building a brand new house for the three of them. Clearly this man is multi-talented! As parents and people, these two are the real deal and I was honored to create their baby girl’s room.

Let's talk about the details. If you're super traditional you're probably saying, "Why navy blue?" For starters - why not? Navy is rich, beautiful, so chic and great for a girl and future siblings no matter their gender. Plus, Danielle loved the navy drawing the best (below). That made it very easy! As a designer and also a parent of a two year old, I know how quickly the toys fill the house. I have no doubt that this little girl's family and family of friends will shower her with all of the classics and latest and greatest in the toy industry. And let me tell you...those toys are colorful! That's when reality hits. There are colors everywhere. I felt that by keeping the color palette somewhat monochromatic it would be a nice canvas for the foreseeable future. I also left a few areas open for larger toys like a play kitchen and wall space for Alena's first artwork.

I bring to you baby Alena Rose Jonas’ modern nature-inspired playroom. You can check out the original drawings, finished photos and full details on the products below.

-Bookcase:Nurseryworks Tree Bookcase. It isn’t only beautiful to look at, it’s very functional. It holds over 100 books and was one of Kevin’s favorite things about the room. 

- Dresser: Newport Cottages Beverly Changer. It brings a little glam to the room with its Hollywood regency feel. This will allow Mom & Dad to change Alena's diaper on the lower level of their home right now.

- Storage Unit's Overlays: My Overlays - I mimicked the design of the changer on the large storage unit by working with My Overlays for a custom size overlay painted them to match exactly. Such a great way to create a custom look - Kevin and Danielle loved the end result!

- Couch: Pottery Barn Teen Cushy Lounge Sectional. It's low to the ground so as Alena learns to walk and climb, it's easier and safer. The cushions are also fantastic on the floor for building forts or having slumber parties. This will take the room from infancy to the teenage years. It also gives adults a place to sit and will provide a comfy spot for future movie nights.

-Drapes: New Arrivals Linen Curtain Panels with Pom Pom Trim. The pom poms on the drapes are so sweet, but the linen is transparent ensuring lots of light gets into Alena's play space.

-Bassinet: BabyHome So-Ro Bassinet. Since Alena is too little to play right now, I put a BabyHome So-Ro Bassinet in the room so Kevin & Danielle could immediately start spending time in there. It's modern and when she outgrows it, they can flip it on its side and it doubles as another play table. 

- Tan Wallpaper: Graham & Brown. The tan wall is covered with a bark textured wallpaper by Graham & Brown. The texture of this is so awesome and the coolest part is that it's paint-able. So, I covered it with Lullaby Paints to compliment the neutral parts of the room. 

-Paint: Lullaby Paints. I can't forget to mention the fact that the entire navy wall is chalkboard! That's why there's nothing hung on it except the bookcase. I told them not to disclose this to Alena too early, but once she can distinguish which walls are ok to draw on they can tell her. All of the paint is Lullaby Paints which has NO VOCS. So while it looks like a blank canvas now, it'll only be a few years before the entire wall is a space for imagination.

-Light & Play Table & Chairs: Zuo Modern. The Warp Ceiling Lamp, Wacky Table and Baby Anime chairs all add an extra bit of functional fun to the space.What's more fun than pint-sized ghost chairs? The table and chairs will be home to many future arts and crafts projects.

-Area Rug: Jaipur Geometric Circles in Navy. In addition to being a perfect anchor for the space, it's very light and easy to roll up to take outside to shake out because we all know, messes happen.

- Bird Wallpaper: Muffin & Mani: The bird wallpaper took me forever to find, but when I finally did I knew it was the one for the design. It's by a company in Australia called Muffin & Mani. I love how it’s both modern, but almost cartoon like.Instead to putting it on the wall, I had it applied to custom cut panels for a different look.

- Wall Letters: Twelve Timbers. The giant P L A Y letters by Twelve Timbers make it very clear that a lot of fun is going to happen in this room. By mounting them on the wallpaper panels it gave the space even more dimension.

- Changing Pad & Play Mat: Nook. Nook is my go-to for the best changing pads. In this room is also the play mat in their new Misty Gray color. A Nook crib mattress is also in Alena's nursery.

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