Sienna Miller was seen in Paris with Tom Sturridge and their daughter Marlowe who looks very comfortable and in her Bugaboo Bee with a Limited Edition Andy Warhol Red Flowers Canopy and Bugaboo Footmuff. We can say with complete confidence that Sienna Miller is a true Bugaboo fan! She has been seen out with not one or even two different Bugaboo strollers, but this happens to be the third Bugaboo stroller we've seen her with.

First we saw her with the All Black Special Edition Cameleon 3, then it was an All Black Special Edition Bugaboo Bee, and last her Classic Bugaboo Bee, which gets a make over almost every time we see it out. Sienna sports a different Special Edition Canopy regularly. We will have to keep an eye out to see what the next special edition release is because one thing is for sure, Sienna Miller will have it on her stroller!

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