We love when we see new baby furniture and while we are looking at it, nursery designs start dancing through our heads. That is a sure sign that what we're looking at isn't just good - it's great! That was the scenario when we first saw Tulip's Soren collection.

This furniture collection will have 11 different pieces that will take you from infancy until the day they say "I Do", including a round crib. The unique thing about all of the Soren cribs is how they convert to beds with no additional rails needed. What you purchase won't cost you any more money to convert. Isn't that nice?

There's also a double dresser, 3 drawer dresser, a lingerie chest, night stand, bookcase, or if you just like this collection and are looking for furniture for an older child they have a twin bed or bunk bed option, and you can also get a matching desk to complete the look. Incredible!

Everything white on this bunk bed is upholstered, so you're looking at white leather. It is easy to clean and looks modern and not too childish. There's different colors and fabrics to choose from.

If space is scarce, this crib/dresser combo is great. The dresser is attached and you not only choose the color, but also the upholstered panels by the head and feet. Once your baby outgrows the crib, the dresser comes off to stand alone and it turns into a twin bed (no additional pieces needed). Score!

This twin bed coordinates with the line and the tufted cushion slides out so the kids can use it as a floor cushion for reading, video games and just hanging out. 
 This crib turns into the bed two photos down. No additional pieces needed. It comes in a selection of prints and 3 colors. We love the striking simplicity.

Tulip is available in-store at NessaLee Baby or online at www.NessaLeeBaby.com.
The Soren collection will be available in early 2014.