4Moms entered the baby industry as a baby gear company less than 4 years ago. But, what many don't know is that the company came out of the robotics industry - now it's all making sense, right? So it's no surprise to continue in the techy direction with the prototype they unveiled at the 2013 ABC Kids Expo. It's a "self-installing" car seat.  Now, don't get too excited because this seat is in the very preliminary stages of development and probably will not be out until 2015.  However, some of the features it will most likely include are that it  installs itself with the push of a button by self-leveling, tightening and verifying the install before each ride. It will also have a no re-thread harness and voluntarily added side impact protection.  We look forward to hearing more and seeing what this car seat can really do in the upcoming years!

4Moms is available in-store at NessaLeeBaby and via www.NessaLeeBaby.com

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