I'm raising a foodie. That's right. He's only 2 and has sampled and prefers some things that most adults don't get to experience in  a lifetime. I'd like to say it's not what we planned or it just sort of happened, but the reality is that we definitely had a hand in it. My husband and I have always had a passion for food, so it's only natural to procreate another somewhat like us, right? We're always eager to try multiple dishes on the menu leaving us with 3-4 appetizers or 3 mains for just two people. We get comments from restaurant staff all the time. Will more people be joining you? No. Just us. And we're going to eat it all. In fact, I distinctly remember a conversation that my husband and I had while I was pregnant where we joked that now we had an excuse to order that 3rd main and our new family of 3 could just share (we're big time sharers). So while most kids are reaching for the hot dogs or hamburger on the kids menu, we always politely tell our server that we will order him an adult dish - because we know the moment our kobe burger with goat cheese and avocado arrives, he'll get a  look at it and his would be history anyway. Those $5.99 kids meals are something we have never gotten to take advantage of, but if he ever expressed he wanted it, we'd be the first ones to order it. Maybe I should be embarrassed that I have a food snob on my hands who is under 36", but I'm not. I'm actually really proud of his sophisticated palette because secretly I judge those kids that eat cheerios and mac and cheese all day. I know that things change everyday with these little people and next month he may be on a standoff with everything that isn't a hot dog, but for now I'll enjoy his love of sushi, olives and sea bass.

What is your toddler's favorite food?