Beyonce was finally spotted pushing her Orbit G2 in Slate. We knew she had the stroller because we've seen the infant car seat. But, this is the first time we got to see her frame and toddler car seat seat. She even has the sunshade accessory! With all this talk over Queen Bey's new haircut, don't you think someone would notice Blue Ivy's toddler car seat?  Beyonce and Jay-Z's daughter is definitely riding around in comfort and style in her G2 Toddler car seat, but wait! At NessaLeeBaby, when we first saw these pics our eyes went directly to the toddler car seat! Those extra pieces at the bottom of the car seat are side impact braces and go on the toddler car seat only when the seat is in the car and the base is not used. Not on the stroller. Blue isn't securely fastened onto the frame and took a ride down the stairs. Yikes! If you do have this combination of Orbit pieces, make sure the side impact braces stay in the car and read your manual to best understand how everything works.

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