This is my first blog post, ever. I'm a guy and I love all things techy. The more impractical, but totally awesome, the more I love it.
With that being said I bring to you the most amazing product for men since the man-cave was invented....The MAN-PRAM!

The Man-Pram by Skoda features 20" alloy wheels, wing mirrors, headlights, brake lights and hydraulic suspension.

Impractical? Absolutely. Incredible? Of course. Must Have? Definitely. At least until you tell your wife that this is what you want to spend your baby fund on.

 Just look how awesome you would look while walking near those "other" strollers.

 I don't think there is anything that Xzibit can add to this stroller that would 'Pimp Your Ride' any better!
 All-Terrain tires, hydraulic suspension, and a sports seat provide extra comfort in addition to a smooth and comfortable ride.
 This is a stroller that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker would use in Fast & The Furious
I would be proud to push this stroller around.

Although not for sale in stores and completely impractical, as it would need its own garage, Skoda has certainly taken a step in making a stroller that us men would be excited to use.