OK pregnant ladies or really anyone who might be craving something a little more than water every now and then - I remember that for me during those pre-natal days there was a strong desire for juice sometimes and we all know that too much sugar isn't good for anyone. Well, there's a new beverage in town that totally solves that for the preggars and even the not so pregnant: Sneaky Pete's. I was intrigued the moment I saw the label: An Oat Beverage. An Oat Beverage? What does that even mean? Then of course my mind wandered and I thought, "Are there Oats in this drink? "Is it going to be like pulp?" As a kid I recall spitting OJ across the room once when I was attacked by a load of pulp in my Dixie cup at a sleepover breakfast. The parents hosting definitely were not a fan of mine after that. But, I read further and realized to my satisfaction that there were no oats in this where I would specifically see or taste them (like on my tongue rolling around). They're in there, but not visible which makes the drinks loaded with fiber. Nice! So I opened up a bottle and tried it out. Super light and really yummy. So what was the catch? Nada. Nothing. Zippo. In fact when I flipped it around to read the nutritional facts I was stunned. Only 40 calories in the entire bottle. If you have never tried it before it's totally worth a taste. There's a variety of flavors. I tried Apple and Grape and both were good, but I definitely want to check out the rest. When you are just craving something sweeter than water this seems like a great thing to reach for instead of an extra sugary drink. It's also better to give your toddler than a juice box!