When we opened the doors to Livingston for the first time on Sunday, our entire staff all took a deep breath. It was lots of long hours, heavy lifting and sleepless nights in the making, but when we looked around we realized - we did it and it felt really great! Livingston is everything we dreamed it to be and more and we are so excited to be able to share that with our customers and to meet many new ones along the way.

In addition to a huge selection of strollers, NessaLee Baby Livingston has an amazing test track featuring different types of terrain  to help parents make the decision on what stroller is best for their lifestyle.
Grass and rock are two types of surfaces that NessaLee customers often ask about, so now here's the chance to put the strollers to the test.
There's also a boardwalk for families that plan on taking their crew to the beach during the summer!
And of course, carpet and tile to make sure your stroller of choice can get you through the stores you frequent, as well as a curb to try hopping and a width that will accommodate all double strollers.
Sometimes we want to see what we look like pushing a stroller and the Stroller Mirror will take care of that. Say cheese while you're there and we'll put it on our Instagram!

There's an actual seat of an SUV on the store  floor to practice installing the car seat you choose.

Shoppers told us how excited they are to have a store like our's in town and we were just as excited to hear that!
Melisa, the very lovely co-founder of ProjectNursery.com attended our Grand Opening and met directly with customers for one on one nursery design consultations.
Super stylish new Mommy and style expert, Pamela Pekerman came to give moms tips on how to feel beautiful and self-confident during pregnancy. Lucky guests even got Pamela's beauty gift bags.

Courtney Lopez told us about her favoite baby products for Gia and all of the new ones she is excited to try with her next baby (due late summer).
Darryl Dawkins took the time to pose with some of NessaLee Baby's fabulous registrants.
I'm not sure if we ate too many delicious treats by Sugar Mamas Creations of Freehold, NJ or if we were just excited to FINALLY open - but the NLB staff was jumping up and down!

Come Back to Read PART 2 AND 3 of our grand opening to see our nursery vignettes, which have been getting rave reviews from customers and baby industry insiders and more photos of the beautiful Courtney Lopez at the event. Bummed you missed it? There's two more events at NessaLee coming up soon so stay tuned!