When we have kids we give ourselves to them so completely that we sometimes forget that it's ok to make some things about us. It's actually necessary. Necessary for our sanity. Necessary for our confidence and we have undoubtedly earned it. Mommy must do the things that make her feel beautiful, even if it’s not everyday. Just because our life changes in ways we never imagined, doesn’t mean we have permanently exchanged our happy things for new ones. There's a world where it can all exist. 

Here are my 5 Mommy Musts. I know that doing them makes me a better Mommy and if you find your 5, I think you'll agree too!

This Mommy Must:

  1. Get Weekly Manicures. I feel just a little more in control when my nails look nice. Plus, it’s less than one hour from start to finish.
  2. Push a great stroller. Many of my outfits are ruined by spills, crumbs and fingerprints, so I never felt it was asking too much to have an attractive stroller that was comfy for my son and pushed like a dream. Mommy deserves it! <-- (This would be on my list whether or not I was in this business)
  3. Enjoy Silence. Maybe it doesn’t happen everyday, but I like to feel connected to the world by surfing the web, reading a book, catching up on my DVR or diving into US Weekly. Whatever it is, some quiet time is not an option, it's mandatory for this Mommy.
  4. Go On Dates. To be the best Mommy I can I need to make sure I remember that I am not only a Mommy. I was a wife first! So that means getting dressed, drying my hair like my former self used to and enjoying some kid-free laughs with the guy that made me want to be a Mommy in the first place.
  5. Take lots of photos and videos. Sometimes it’s hard to stop the fun with my little guy to whip out the camera, but it’s important. It’s really important because these moments and stages pass so fast leaving us with our memories and good memories make me really happy! 

Tell me about your 5 Mommy Musts!