Valco Baby is going to be hitting the streets with a cool new stroller, the Snap 4! It's a lightweight stroller weighing in at only 15lbs and has a carry strap. When Valco brought this stroller into our store for us to test out, we all collectively said, "I get it!" It totally makes sense for all families. It features a large basket, foam tires, easy fold where the fabric folds in so that nothing is exposed when it is in your trunk - brilliant!. It is car seat adaptable and includes one canopy (either black or silver), but you get your choice of a second canopy included in 9 different colors, as well as a boot which assists in making it more newborn friendly. The photos below show it with a silver frame, but the Snap 4 will have a sleek black frame. At $299.99 we are very excited to have this stroller in the NessaLee Baby showroom. Pre order your Snap 4 now with NessaLee Baby and be guaranteed to be one of the first out and about with this stroller come April 2013!

Valco Baby is available in-store at NessaLee Baby or online at