In addition to seeing all of the great new products released by existing modern brands, I also really love this time of year because it's when I also meet new products that are innovative and beautiful, as well as the people behind them. This year was no exception.  I want to introduce you to an affordable bedding line that I am very excited about.

Meet Oliver B. The line is actually not new, but I think it takes a boutique to really showcase the pieces properly (see, us boutiques are valuable and not just a showroom for other places) and explain the benefits and ways it can be incorporated into a nursery.

I know that many customers want to use bumpers that are not mesh, but also want to promote air flow in the crib. Oliver B's slat bumpers are a really great way to do that and how great they look is an added bonus. They are plush to protect your baby's head from the crib spindles, but also open to let air flow throughout the crib. They can be machine washed, which is something us moms love to hear.

What's also great is the number of colors that it's available in, so coordinating with any vision is very easy. At $79.99, they're on the more affordable end of the spectrum. The sheets are available in modern prints, which can be so hard to find on the shelves ($29.99)! Those prints coordinate well with a variety of bumper choices. The crib skirt is simple, clean and white and not so surprising, also a great price ($29.99).

Still have some time before baby arrives? You may want to wait for Oliver B's City of Dreams Collection. We love the 3 color ways and the great chevron skirt and sheet print.

Stop by NessaLee Baby to check it out and meet with a Baby Ambassador who can help you create your perfect nursery bedding.