Guys With Kids might be one of the funniest sitcoms to first air this past fall! Not only is banter and dialogue between the main characters a hoot, but it's always so much fun to see all of the great baby products they're using.

During a holiday meal, the twins were seated at the table in red Inglesina Fast Table Chairs. Great choice so they can both fit and get in on the action. They're also so easy to bring to restaurants and other people's homes. I feel bad for little Ernie though who is on the left and sitting away from the table in his own high chair.

Below you'll see Sheila feeding Ernie during the same episode, in the same apartment. The prop manager made a boo-boo though. Only moments later (above) Ernie is sitting in a different high chair. This time it's the Boon Flair High Chair in white with a blue pad. The Boon High Chair is definitely more of the style that Sheila would pick for her own home, so we think going forward they should stick with it!

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