OrbitBaby has just released a product that is sure to make it on to every moms shopping list! The OrbitBaby Baby Gear Spa Kit is a universal stroller cleaning kit. It's all natural and fragrance free - Perfect for any mess your child can make. This 5 piece kit includes:

Cream Scrub - For getting dirt off the metal and plastic parts of your stroller

Spot Treatment - Can be used on any part of your stroller fabric or frame for a tiny stain or to pre-treat fabric before washing

Upholstery Wash - is for machine or hand washing any stroller, car seat or bassinet fabric.

Wheel Serum - Makes your tires look like new and squeak free

Scrubbing Cloth - A double sided micro fiber cloth is perfect for scrubbing or spot cleaning.

The set will be available at NessaLee Baby for $50 January 2013! 

The OrbitBaby Baby Gear Spa Kit and all other OrbitBaby products are available at NessaLee Baby or online at www.NessaLeeBaby.com