UPPAbaby did a very very sneaky thing today. All of us baby experts were going about our business on the tradeshow floor today. We visited UPPAbaby, saw all of the new products that you can read about here, and did our thing. Little did we know that the cocktail party that UPPAbaby was hosting this evening was like one of those bizarre celebrity weddings when you hear everyone was invited for a bbq and someone got married. So there was obviously no wedding (but the pizza was yummy) and there was a release of a new product. It came at us kamikaze style or maybe more like a ninja. We never knew it was even in the works until voila! Enter MESA. UPPAbaby's own car seat that will be joining their product line early spring 2012 (estimated March).

Here's some info to get you started:

*Seat weight: 10.5 lbs.
*Seat Weight Minimum & Capacity: 4lbs - 35 lbs.
*Height limit: 32"
*Car Seat Adapter - On the Cruz stroller it will require no adapter. For the Vista stroller the car seat will currently include a Vista adapter.
*Release from base - On the back of the seat, similar to most other infant car seats
*Release from the stroller - Gray button on the handle, making one handed release a reality
*Installation - Easy to do quickly and correctly with retractable latch connectors. Yes, they retract into the base. Once you connect the latches it will tighten in the same way a seat belt would. Then you use both hands and push down on the base until it turns green, which is the built-in lock off technology. If done correctly it will be safe, tight and secure and only takes about 15 seconds. UPPAbaby is calling their system SMARTSECURE and they are the first company to use this technology.
*Seat Belt Installation - Also easy to thread through and easy to tighten if you don't use latch. If you are working without a base there is a European-style belt path for easy install.
*Five point safety harness - Auto adjustable straps make is very easy to make sure the baby is in the correct position.
*Adjustable headrest with Side Impact Protection (SIP) - The head rest moves up and down to make more room for taller babies to fit properly, while also protecting them.
*Canopy - Easy open and close, also removable to wash and SPF 50+
*Seat Fabric - Removable & washable
*Colors: Jake (Black), Sebby (Blue), Drew (Tangerine), Lindsay (Wheat)
*Price: $279.99

The Mesa will be available in-store at NessaLee Baby and via www.NessaLeebaby.com
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