Update 3/2013 - IN STOCK NOW AT NESSALEE BABY. Click HERE to purchase

When I envision UPPAbaby headquarters I visualize these teeny tiny little elves working all day, only breaking in December to help Santa in his workshop. While this may sound ridiculous, it’s the only way I can imagine anyone being able to accomplish the number of new products they come out with each year. 

Starting November 15th (keep in mind, this date is an estimate by UPPAbaby) you will be excited to see two new colors entering the Vista fleet. The first is a rich navy blue that goes by Taylor (Indigo). This will be replacing Cole, so if you have your heart set on that also beautiful blue – purchase it now! The second new color is called Ella, which is a Jade green. It’s fun and also very gender neutral. Ella will replace Carlin, so once he is sold out…he’s gone forever. Both of the new colors will come on silver frames and be $729.99. You’ll notice that this price is $30 higher than currently. Well, the bad news is that starting November 15th 2012, ALL UPPAbaby Vista stroller prices will go up to $729.99. There have been no changes made to the actual stroller, so if you plan on purchasing soon, you will save $30 if you don’t wait another month.

The Cruz was so successful in 2012 that by customers request they have added a new color that may be considered “girlier”. It’s called Maeve and it is a very pretty pastel purple. It’ll be at NessaLee in early December (again, that’s an estimate from UPPAbaby). If you love the Cruz, but wish it was more newborn friendly, then you’ll be happy to hear a bassinet accessory is now an option. The bassinet will be nice and deep and be available in black ($189.99) starting in early February (again, there’s that estimate date).

When UPPAbaby discontinued their Baby Ganoosh we knew they were up to something and now we know exactly what it is! The new Ganoosh is made of Primaloft fabric. It comes in 3 colors: Jake (Black), Mica (Gray) and Olivia (Fuchsia) and is $89.99.

The G-Luxe and G-Lite have lots of changes slated for February 2013. Both stroller frame has been re-designed for a sleeker look and a more substantial feel and an increased weight capacity of 55 lbs. All of the fabric will be removable making it easy to wash, but important to note is that the fabric itself is “Stain Defend” making it easy to spot clean if needed. Closing both strollers is simple than ever with new easy to pull triggers. The wheels have been updated with a new sleeker look (rims), but the same great functionality.

The G-Lite now comes in 3 colors: Jake (Black), Denny (Red) and Ella (Jade Green) and the new price is $149.99.

The G-Luxe now comes in 5 colors:  Ani (Orange), Denny (Red), Sebby (Teal) – all staying. Makena (Magenta) made a conversion from being a G-Lite color to a G-Luxe color. Jake (Black) which is a Special Edition on a Black Carbon Frame is also making a debut. Reclining is simpler with the 3 position recline, as opposed to the current toggle. The G-Luxe the new price is $219.99, except the Black $229.99

 All of the new UPPAbaby Products will be available in-store at NessaLee Baby and via www.NessaLeeBaby.com. If you want to be notified in advance, email us at CS@NessaLee.com to be added to our notification list.