Last year we saw and loved the Australian line of modern furniture called Ubabub (pronounced UBER-BUB...a non-existent R that makes a sound in there). Million Dollar Baby must have loved it too because they are now the official distributor of Ubabub in the United States. Check out the 3 different cribs and one changing station below.
Nifty Clear Crib ($1500) features acrylic on both sides with cut designs repeated throughout. The shape is very streamlined and softened with rounded angled legs.
Nifty Timber Crib ($1100) features the same beautiful shape and legs as the clear crib, but instead of acrylic, flat rectangle slats.
Nifty Changing Table ($600) matches both pieces and makes it so easy to change the baby if you position the changer off of the wall (as pictured) because you can be perpendicular to the baby instead of standing beside them. However, it is made so it can also go up against the wall if you choose.
The Pod Crib ($1990) includes a custom-sized mattress & sheet to accommodate the oval shape of the crib. The panels are the same beautiful acrylic as the Nifty Clear Crib.

If all goes well, expect Ubabub to hit stores in the first quarter of 2013. Once that date becomes more definitive, NessaLee Baby will accept pre-orders. In order to make sure you receive a notification, email us at to let us know that you'd like to be added to our waiting list.