Every parent has their own "must-haves" for their baby. For me Guava Family's Go Crib was at the tippy top of my list. I realize that may not be the case for everyone, but with our lifestyle it makes perfect sense. During the course of the first year we used our Go Crib over 50 times (money well spent!). As a family we took several trips and it fit perfectly in our luggage, but we also used it for countless trips to the beach, park, friends homes and everywhere in between.

So, you can imagine my excitement to hear that Guava Family is introducing new product to their line: the  Lotus Crib & Bassinet.  As you can see the crib is compact and easy to assemble, plus you can backpack it on your travels. That's something we have always loved about the Go Crib! The Lotus Crib is available in 4 Colors (gray, blur, pink and yellow).

The Lotus Bassinet is a great everywhere solution for a newborn. Use it on the go, in your bedroom or anywhere else where your infant needs to snooze. Check out the mesh sides on the bassinet. We know this is a request for many of our customers so good work, Guava Family! The Lotus Bassinet converts to the Lotus Crib with the conversion kit. You can also purchase Quilted Sheets or Cotton Sheet for the Lotus Crib, just like The Go Crib.

The Guava Family Lotus Crib & Bassinet will be available in-store at NessaLee Baby and via www.NessaLeeBaby.com. Stay tuned for more details and estimated availability dates.