Get ready for a lot of information! Nurseryworks, Million Dollar Baby, BabyLetto and DaVinci have new products for 2013 that a worth taking the time to read about.

Franklin & Ben

The best-selling Mason Crib and both Mason Dressers will be available in white for the first time in the first quarter of 2013.


 BabyLetto's Harlow Crib has always been popular for it's clean and simple design. In 2013, that design just got a little more modern and sophisticated with the addition of an acrylic panel. The Acrylic Harlow crib ($799) features a white frame and gray base.
 The affordable Mercer Crib ($399) will make it into the line in white with gray side panels starting in the first quarter of 2013. This is a new combo for this crib.

Skip is a completely new collection to the BabyLetto Family and was co-designed by Jennifer Delonge. The chestnut and white combination of this 3 in 1 crib are reminiscent of a nautical space (or at least to us it is) and is complemented really nicely by the silver hardware.  The feet are narrower and slightly tapered adding to the mid-century look. There are 4 adjustable mattress heights and the toddler rails for conversion are included. The changing tray is also included with the matching dresser ($399 per piece).


Ivy is a very unique crib because she can convert from a crib to a loveseat ($899). The 4 corners are extremely regal looking with their high sides, but if that isn't your style or if you'd like to change it up they come off easily and a cap will safely cover that area. When converting it to a loveseat, it includes the cushion. Ivy's dresser comes with the changing tray and the gold hardware is stylish and sophisticated against the white.
The new and improved Loom dresser complements the Loom crib really well. Loom also features a nautical feel with the unique wood-toned horizontal drawer handles.
As if Vetro isn't stunning enough in her clear acrylic, she will be released in VERY Limited Quantities in this blue tinted acrylic for people who want to make a statement to the 10th power!
Nurseryworks Storytime Bookcase has always been a big hit for playrooms and nurseries, but sometimes the price deterred shoppers. Lucky for all, Storytime is now $690 in double. The great thing about it is that it doesn't only have to be placed in children's spaces. The design is adult enough to be moved in rooms all over a home.

Nurseryworks' District crib was a true labor of design love. It took months to create and complete. We know this style isn't for everyone, but viewing it is like looking at art and the wood is exquisite. In the right home it would be a complete showstopper ($4900).

Million Dollar Baby

If only there were a million ways to express our love for the new pieces from Million Dollar Baby's upcoming line. Above is the Foothill crib and dresser (changing tray included). The pieces are shown in Gray, which has been a very popular nursery choice over the last year.

It's going to be hard to choose baby furniture with Louis also thrown into the mix. This crib and dresser combo is also available in gray. However, because of the different woods used in the construction, the stain may appear slightly different than Foothill. Louis is a modern sleigh crib and the dresser features gold hardware and the changing tray is included.


Highland is the first of the new cribs to be coming to DaVinci in 2013. The back panel is slightly higher than the front, which is a modified version of a sleigh crib with sleek lines and spindles in a lighter contrasting color.
Many years ago Million Dollar Baby entered the crib world with the Jenny Lind crib, today with the re-rise in Jenny Lind's popularity, DaVinci is offering the option to have your crib customized. For $599, you can choose the color and in their factory they will have it custom painted for you and the nursery that you have been dreaming about.

All the cribs, changers and accessories above are new for 2013 and their release dates are estimates and will vary. The manufacturer will do their best to release them asap, but they are dedicated to safety and quality so sometimes these things take additional time. Once the release dates are solidified we will begin to take pre-orders. If you'd like to put your name on the waiting list, simply give us a call 732-431-0008 and someone will call you when they are available so you can be guaranteed in the first ever delivery. It is our professional and experienced suggestion to not take the delivery dates too literally as delays can happen. Give yourself 8-12 weeks extra time before you actually need the furniture.

All of the items will be available for purchase in-store at NessaLee Baby and via