Cybex is at the top of our list for infant car seats, so it's nice to see that they are committed to improving their product. Next year the Cybex Aton 2 will be released in the US - it is already available in Europe. This is a separate car seat from the Aton. It is not replacing the Aton. Both the Aton and Aton 2 will remain in the line.

The new Aton Base will feature an adjustable support leg that will touch the floor of your car. That coupled with the latch connectors (or seatbelt) will create an even more secure fit and will allow less movement in crashes. The base will be included with the Aton 2 car seat, it can also be purchased separately as a 2nd base. If you have the current Aton and would like the base with the support leg, it will be compatible.

Cybex's research shows that 25% of car accidents are side-impact collisions, so they wanted to add a feature to the Aton that would reduce the risk of injury in those cases The seat features a wing on both sides that you push open on the side closer to the door when the car seat is installed on the passenger or driver's side. As a result, this small piece of plastic will absorb energy in an impact and transfer some of that energy to the handle of the seat and away from the baby. Cybex researchers determined in crash testing that this feature provides an extra 40% safety in the case of a side-impact collision.

Below are the 4 colors that the Cybex Aton will be available in sometimes during the first quarter of 2013.
 Violet Spring Pink / Purple
 Rocky Mountain Gray / Black
 Heavenly Blue Gray / Blue

Classic Black (All Black)

Wondering if you're stroller is compatible with the Cybex Aton? It most likely is. Check out Cybex's wall of compatibility. Almost all strollers that have a Maxi-Cosi adapter will also work with the Cybex Aton.

All of the above Cybex products are available in-store at NessaLee Baby and via