It's no secret how we feel about Clek at NessaLee Baby. Simply put, they're just the best! The best in safety and every product also manages to look good, which is like the cherry on top. Mid next year a whole new collection of designs will be released for their already awesome products. The theme? Tokidoki.For those of you who aren't familiar, Tokidoki is a super fun Japanese lifestyle brand with different characters and graphics that are vibrant in color and definitely something that kids with style will love. The final Tokidoki prints have not been chosen yet, but stay tuned because when they are we'll make sure you're the first to know (and you can pre-order at that time).

For those who love Foonf, but wished there was a Crypton fabric in Black, then your wish is Clek's command. Also next year, an all black Foonf in Crpyton will be joining the line. The Drift will stay as well for parents who would prefer the savings offered in the plain black. The new black will be pre-orderable as well when it gets closer to the release in early 2013.

Does your toddler love pink? Then check out Flamingo! She's on a black Foonf base with Snowberry's pink Crypton fabric and black stitching. Flamingo Foonf will only available in specialty stores like NessaLee Baby - also scheduled for early 2013.

Clek products are available in-store at NessaLee Baby and via We still have a very limited number of Foonf seats available in the first shipment which should be here in the next few weeks.

If you already pre-ordered, thanks for patiently waiting. Clek has done everything they can to deliver the seats on time (trust me, as a family owned company they want nothing more than for the Foonfs to ship!), unfortunately, if you know anything about manufacturing, unforeseen delays can happen which throw a wrench into lead times.