Introducing - The long awaited Orbit Double Helix Stroller & Helix Plus Upgrade Kit

- The stroller is sold two ways. The first is called the Double Helix. That's the double stroller frame, which is black. It includes the black basket underneath, two cup holders and the tablet holder that hangs on the handlebar which can also function as a console for your keys, wallet, phone etc. Once you have the Helix frame, you can then choose which seating pieces you need and purchase them individually. So if the Helix is being used for twins you would get two Infant Car Seats and / or two Bassinets and two Stroller Seats. If it's for a newborn and toddler, you would get one Infant Car Seat, one Bassinet (which includes the Bassinet stand that is interchangeable with all of the other pieces), one Stroller Seat and one Toddler Car Seat - or whichever pieces work for you and your lifestyle. Then once your infant gets bigger you can determine at that time if you need a 2nd Toddler Car Seat or a 2nd Stroller Seat or if the ones from your older child will be used in single mode and not require additional purchases. The Helix frame will be $750 (as opposed to the $500 frame of the G2) and will look like this:

 - The 2nd way to purchase it is as Helix Plus Upgrade Kit. This is for people who already have the G2 System and now have a 2nd child that they would like to use it with. In an Upgrade Kit you will receive the rear portion of the frame, which is black. A new handlebar that has the 2 cup holders attached, a smart phone slot and an under basket to switch out from your Cargo Pod (which will be easily accessible from the front). It will also include the tablet holder / console that the Helix includes. Then you can determine which pieces you already have from your G2 and which pieces you would need to purchase for Baby #2 (infant car seat, bassinet, toddler car seat, stroller seat). The Upgrade Kit will be $350 making it $50 more to purchase this way, but if you are upgrading it makes sense because you will still have the original dual handlebar and the Cargo Pod. This is what it will look like:

Additional Info
- You will be able to use one Toddler Car Seat in the upper position. A Toddler Car Seat cannot fit in the lower position, due to the height of the seat
- Your Panniers will work with the Helix in the same area that they work on the G2
- The Sidekick will be usable in single mode, not double
- All of the other accessories (Footmuff, Color Pack, Weather Pack, Toddler Car Seat Sun Canopy) will work because the seats / car seats that you will use on the stroller are the same as the G2
- The current travel bag will obviously not be able to hold the Helix, since it's double. So to travel with it as a double, you will require two travel bags.

Converting your G2 single using the Helix Upgrade kit is not very difficult. You need to remove the existing handlebar, which requires a few screws and snapping the new one one. You'll also need to add the new basket, which is quick and easy. This is something we will do for you in-store when you purchase the Upgrade Kit or we can walk you through the process on the phone or via Skype.

Pre-order your Orbit Double Helix or Helix Upgrade Kit in-store at NessaLee Baby, by phone 732-431-0008 or via to be guaranteed to receive yours in the first delivery, which is expected to ship to us the 3rd Week of October.