The Foonf is here! The Foonf is here! Well, not here as in "in stock", but don't worry - it is coming very soon. It was here as in my house. Yes, you read that right. I spent a lovely weekend with Foonf. Now while I'd like to tell you it was just me, all by my lonesome in the company of the hunky Foonf - or that I personally sat in it while watching tv, playing video games and scanning magazines, I'd be lying. And I'd be weird. Very weird. Before you breathe a sigh of relief that the girl whose videos you watch on You Tube regularly isn't a total creepoid, let me tell you about my weekend adventures with Foonf. It all started when a handsome Canadian in nice jeans (this is important to totally get the visual going) knocked on my door last Saturday, close to midnight. He stood there with his itsy bitsy carry-on, which was quite easy to push past in-order to get to the prize...The Foonf. Of course, I only assumed it was in there because the padding on the exterior bag looked like it had more security than the maternity ward during Blue Ivy's birth. Once it was inside my house, I did what any Foonf-loving individual would do. Opened it and stuck my sleeping one year old in it. I know you're judging me, saying "never wake a sleeping baby", but this was an experience. Like meeting the President would be. Not at all to my surprise, he liked it. He really really liked it. Mommy did too, obviously. His reason was comfort, mine was safety. That coupled with the level of attractiveness really gets a mom excited. Then unfortunately for all - it was time to go to bed. The Canadian thought he should sleep with it in order to guard it from Moms everywhere looking for the ultimate in car seat safety. We assured him that we were completely alarmed and surveillance-d and simply putting it by his bed would do the trick. Of course, we don't know what happened once the door closed...

The next morning everyone headed out for breakfast. Foonf was put safely in its bag and transported via trunk. Once at the restaurant we thought it would be best if he joined us for security, but also to be nice. So, this party of 4 got a table for 5. Since dining chairs aren't equipped with an isofix bar, poor Foonf had to simply sit on top of the chair. He must have felt naked.

Then it was off to the NessaLee Baby Bazaar where Foonf could shine atop his Clek display. Babies (6 months and older / 14 lbs and up) stopped by to try out the seat and also to try the free cookies we were giving out. Parents got to test it out in their cars and learned all the important details about the features (all which you can read about HERE). I even got to shoot a video for our customers and it only took around 40 takes.

Some interesting people insisted they needed the Foonf NOW and wanted to take the prototype with them. Hello, ding-a-lings, if the prototype was safely usable I obviously would have jacked it sometime between last night and this morning (duh). Joking aside, if you do need it now because your child has outgrown his or her seat - safety first. Get them into a proper fitting seat now, even if it means forgoing the lovely Foonf.


Unfortunately, after a few more meals, some laughter and another night on lock down, our time with Foonf had to come to an end. Before bidding our friend adieu, and the Canadian, I did attempt to swap my child for the seat. But, he totally blew up my spot when he tried to climb out of the travel bag. Booger.

*The entire above story may or may not be true.

So, for the safest seat on the market (up to 40% better than the next best seat on the market - so they say, and I believe it), myself and my son will just have to wait a few more weeks. Until then, we will remember our weekend with Foonf fondly.

Check out the Foonf installed forward-facing on the passenger side of a Land Rover LR4. Nice, snug, secure fit!

The very first shipment ever in the US of Foonf is expected in 3-5 weeks and NessaLee Baby will be getting it. We do have additional seats that were not yet allotted to customers available in that shipment. If you'd like to guarantee your Foonf (and trust me, once they're out it's going to be very hard to get) you can pre-order at NessaLee Baby and via