We've recently received some inquiries via email and on our You Tube page regarding whether the C2 canopies and aprons will be compatible with the Bugaboo C3 Cameleon. We know that some consumers have received incorrect information from other retailers and we pride ourselves on always being the most properly informed on baby products, so below is a photo showing the Soft Pink Limited Edition Fabric Kit on the new C3 in our store. It fits perfectly! The Special Editions never included seat inlays and the Canopy and Apron are a perfect fit. Fabric Kits that are non special edition from the C2 - they include the seat inlay (ALL C3 Fabric Kits no longer include an inlay because the inlay has been discontinued), the inlay will fit. The seat is the same size. However, the harness slots have been updated on the C3 so the holes will not be in the right spot. If you want to take it to a tailor or do it on your own, you can create additional holes to make it fit properly. However, the Canopy and Apron will definitely work as seen below.
The Bugaboo C2, C3, Special Edition Cameleon's, Special Edition Fabric Kits and new Fabric Kits are all available in-store at NessaLee Baby and via www.NessaLeeBaby.com.