Bugaboo did an amazing job of keeping their 3rd generation model of the Cameleon under wraps! But, all big secrets must come too an end and today is that day. Late this summer the C3 will be released. It's the same great stroller that everyone knows and loves, with a few nice additions.

-There will be a re-designed unlocking system to assist with speedy unfolding. SO you will be able to simply swing the stroller out to open.
-The bassinet will fold flat because the fillets inside can easily be Velcro-d flat, so it can fit into a Bugaboo travel bag or take up less space in the trunk during the baby's early days.
-The bumper bar will have a pivot option to open and close (Please note that this bumper bar will not fit former Cameleon models, so if you purchased it separately as a replacement part for an older Cameleon it would not fit. This was tested at NessaLee Baby)
-The underbag will snap on and off (though it's rare to remove it) AND it will be larger by flaring out in the portion closer to the parent
-The safety harness has some extra padding for the baby's comfort
-The wheels will pop off with the simple click of a white button...if you need to remove them for some reason 
-The finish on some of the black pieces on the stroller that are currently shiny, will be matte. This is more consistent with the look of the Bee and Donkey
- The handlebar will click into place
- The brake will no longer click, unless it is fully locked into place
- There is a tiny bit of additional room in the footrest (depth)

They've also added a new base color! Now you can choose from dark grey, brown, sand and for the first time in a non-special edition: black! Red will no longer be a base option. That Petrol Blue color you've been dreaming about for the last 6 months will become a permanent part of the Bugaboo family of Tailored Fabric colors and make its debut with the C3. Then there's the Neon collection. Currently an exclusive, it will be released nationwide in the C3 version as well (navy frame and seat + neon orange wheels = pretty cool). Still lusting after an all-black or denim 107 version? No worries, they will be back in the re-launch as well. To start off, the Tailored Fabric Kits will be available in all of the current standard colors, plus the Petrol Blue. Then over time I'm sure we can expect some great Special Editions.

The price of the Cameleon will stay the same. The stroller will be $890 (previously $880) and the tailored fabric kit will be $89 (previously $99) for the same $979 total. The Tailored Fabric Kits will no longer include a seat insert just like this year's Special Edition kits did not.

If you are a current Cameleon owner, you may want to grab some additional Canvas Breezy Sun Canopies because Bugaboo is phasing them out in exchange for the Breezy Sun Canopy which will only come in silver and be just like the current Donkey's. The C3 will no longer include a mosquito net, but a universal one will work for it and that can be purchased separately around the same time ($14.95)

Current Tailored Fabric Kits will work on the new Cameleon and vice versa, so if you see a color you like now (like purple, pink or any of the other special editions - definitely grab it for the C3).

Want to see the C3 in person? Come visit NessaLee Baby on Saturday June 23rd and you can test out the prototype and pre-order your C3! More details about this in-store event to follow, so check back! There will be major deals on Bugaboo items that day in-store!

We also have a very limited number of current Cameleon's in stock with for $799 including the tailored fabric kit.