For over $2000 you can be the proud owner of this luxury "baby spa bath". Say what? The Italian company Blubleu designed what they call a mini whirlpool bath to give babies the ultimate relaxing bath time. You know, because life is so stressful for them. What will you get for this hefty price tag? A free standing acrylic tub that sits on 4 legs and takes up loads of space. Inside your infant will find the air massage system that they've been dreaming about. It releases bubbles just like a grown-up hot tub. It'll last you for one year - awesome! The best part? The LED lights that can be set to different colors depending on your infant's mood. Now we will just have to figure out what that mood is, since the child can't tell us. Well, if you need them to chill out, you can put it on the "magic relax" setting which features blue and purple light. Don't you think if it was that easy every house with babies would be filled with a variety of disco lights? But wait, there's more: A digital thermometer to make sure the temperature is right.
And if you feel like carrying an acrylic bath tub into your back yard, you too can set it up just like it is in the company's photos.

Our suggestion? Save your cash. Shocking. Buy a great stroller, a nice crib and the 4Moms Clean Water Tub all for the same price. The Clean Water fits nicely into the sink , which is about the same height at the Blubleu version. It filters clean water in and out (doesn't appear that the fancy shmancy one does that) and also gives a digital temperature reading. When the year is up and you don't need the sink tub anymore, it comes with a spout thermometer for the regular bathtub as well. Way more bang for your buck at $89.99