You saw our roundup of 2011 baby products and now we're giving you a glimpse at what this year has to offer. As always, it was difficult for us to agree on a list so we have 10 items (in no specific order) and 2 honorable mentions.

1. Franklin & Ben Furniture - We couldn't just pick one piece from this collection to highlight because everything is just that good. We blogged about it back in September and it felt like light years away - well, it clearly wasn't that far!  This month the collection launches. The refreshing style of the pieces and excellent prices are something that we know will make a lot of parents-to-be happy this year!

2. Baby Jogger City Versa - This stroller has the ability to fold with the seat facing in either direction, something very few others can do making it one of our top picks.

3. Mama & Papas Stargaze Mat & Galaxy Mobile - Yeah, we snuck two products into one, but they're part of the same collection that works with Mamas & Papas innovative Magic Cards. Both will be available in the coming weeks and the cards are completely interchangeable.

4. Clek Foonf - If you've been paying attention to our blog, you know how highly we are anticipating the arrival of the Foonf. So much so, that I've begged my own baby son to stay in his infant seat and under 30 lbs and 30" until this summer when it launches. You know, like he can control that.

5. BabyHome Dream Bassinet - Designed to be used as a bassinet or a smaller crib in smaller spaces. We are so excited about the adjustable leg system that allows, with the click of a button, to change the leg position from a stationary, to a rocker, to wheels. Brilliant! It comes with a v-shaped mattress that prevents the baby from getting caught between the mattress edge and the side of the bassinet and with a honeycomb structured mattress pad it reduces the risk of suffocation, even when a baby finds herself face down. 

6. Baby Jogger City GT - Baby Jogger managed to get themselves on our list twice. Hey, if the products are that good - we don't have a limit! The City GT is going to have all the features we know and love on the City Mini and then some. Bigger wheels, adjustable handlebar, easier to access basket (the City Mini is also getting this update in 2012).

7. Valco Baby Spark Double - We love this stroller as a double or single, but we want to highlight the double version because we think it's going to be the solution for parents many parents looking for everything in a stroller. Both seats are independently adjustable and reversible. They turn into a bassinet making it newborn friendly, so no additional piece or additional cost.

8.  Natart London - This February Natart is debuting their London collection which will have all of the quality that Natart lovers have come to expect, with a fantastic clean-line modern design and the option to convert the crib to a full-size bed.

9. Peg Perego Siesta - 9 different height, 5 different recline positions and 3 different footrest positions got this high chair onto our list.

10. Double Helix - We're big big fans of Orbit and have personally pushed the Double Helix. The smooth ride that wasn't at all compromised by adding a 2nd seat is really what has us excited. Tons of functionality, tons of features and tons of convenience!

* Boon Flowers/ Trees - Not all innvations are created so big. The flower and tree inserts that snap into your Grass or Lawn Drying Racks are adorable, counter eye candy and also super functional for drying smaller items like nipples and pacifiers.

* Beaba Double - Some parents are baby food making machines and they've said they wish there was a bigger unit so they could get double the amount done in the same time. Well, soon their wish will be granted with a double Beaba Baby Cook.

So now you've seen it. Keep checking back through the year for the release of the products that are listed here. will have the products available for pre-order once the prices and release dates are set by the manufacturers.