The last 5 months have flown so fast that I haven't had time to share my own little guy's nursery. Designing nurseries for other people is one of the best parts of my job. It's amazing to see the vision take shape and to see the parent's expressions when it turns out exactly how they imagined...or even better. When the time came for Jordan and I to create a space for our first little one I had 2 very distinct plans in my mind - one for a girl and one for a boy. The moment I found out it was a boy, I got to work! Seriously, I was in the car on the way back from the sonogram planning it out. I wanted the space to be modern in a simple way, with a focal wall behind the crib. The furniture and colors were probably the easiest. No blue to start and I knew I wanted the Spot on Square ROH collection. I love acrylic and the walnut in this collection is stunning - a match made in design heaven! Since I chose it, it's gained some popularity. Both Kourtney Kardashian and Rachel Zoe used it in their little guy's rooms.
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The paneled wall was something I had never done before in a space. I've created headboards, and the concept was the same, but the work was significantly more because of the individual panels and the measuring. We used MDF and white upholstery vinyl. It took us (meaning my very close, kind and generous friends, my husband and I) almost an entire day to create and secure.

A long time ago I fell in love with the simple statement that the Luca Glider makes and that was before I ever sat on it. Monte furniture not only looks great, but the quality is incredible. We have a floor model in the store and children love to come in and climb all over it...with their wet, muddy or snow covered shoes. Each time I cringe and every time when we clean it up, the fabric goes pack to pristine. In a kids room? Yes, please! I chose gray because the whole idea was to keep the nursery neutral - mostly gray, white and brown with splashes of orange and very tiny touches of light yellow. I think the gray chair is something that can grow with this room and if it doesn't, I can easily find a place for it somewhere else in my home. 

The Nook Pebble Mattress and I met back in 2010 during a poolside meeting at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. It was an item that totally knocked my socks off. The concept, the materials, the quality and the look of it had me planning ahead for my future non-existent child's nursery. Fast forward to now and nothing changed. The crib lets the mattress shine through so everything gets equal attention in the space. I love that it doesn't require sheets either, though I do have a few also by Nook.
I wanted the wall letters to tie into the look of the nursery, so I had this acrylic rectangle fabricated with stainless letters on it (and one stylish orange X). I was initially going to adhere it to the panels, but realized it was far more secure this way. I also think it looks better than my initial plan.

The area rug and toy box were actually items I had picked up (or maybe hoarded) waiting for the perfect project to come along to use them. I was just about to purchase a new white flokati when I decided the chevron would be better. The white would have left the space too stark. The curtains were difficult to find. I saw a lot of patterns that I loved, but placing a pattern on the wall would have completely unbalanced this set-up. So, I had these white lightweight velvet ones made and then added the stripes with velvet ribbon (orange, brown, yellow, gray) at the end.
The photo above the changer was a very special gift from my father. It's a painting of an airplane done by Muhammad Ali. Once my dad heard the colors we were going with, he gifted this treasure to his first grandchild and it's something I hope he has forever!

On the changer is a Nook Changing Pad because like I mentioned - I'm obsessed. Bloom's Coco Plexistyle rocker was just begging to be included in the nursery. All that acrylic goodness - It's like it was made for it.

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