Every once in a while, something happens that is either absurd or awesome and I can't let life pass me by without writing a blog about it. Typically it's something that's crazy and This Dude takes full advantage and lets it rip, but today I'm in a holiday mood and going to surprise everyone with a NICE blog. Maybe it's an egg nog hangover, maybe its carb overload from Potato Latkes, but either way, I'm feeling merry.

Ok, enough about me and why I'm writing something nice (for once), I think the most thoughtful gift of the year (besides all the ones that the Mrs. got for me) was between customers who recently purchased a Bugaboo Cameleon. They wanted a custom canopy to make their stroller even more unique. As new residents of New Jersey, they wanted to tie together their love of cars, their new digs and their precious baby boy.  Bugaboos are great strollers to begin with, but a custom canopy featuring the parents rides on their babies ride is just awesome. Tell us what you think of the canopy (good comments only or you may be the subject of the next Dude's View.)

Want a custom canopy? Give us a call and we can help create yours! 732-431-0008