If it's cold weather that you're worried about and style isn't something you want to sacrifice - then odds are you are already familiar with 7 AM Enfant. What you may not know about is the arrival of all their new products. Each and every one is creating a frenzy of excitement here at NLB. Check them out!

The first isn't for the baby, but it's ok to treat yourself sometimes too. They're stroller Hand Muffs that velcro to the handlebar and keep you warm while walking outside on the brutal winter days headed our way. Other companies make muffs that take up the entire handlebar and those are nice and cozy too, but they make it more difficult to hang a Mommy Hook, diaper bag or cupholder. These allow you to do it all.
Next is the Polar Igloo Footmuff - It serves the same purpose at the Le Igloo Sac, but features a gorgeous shiny exterior, faux-fur lining and can be converted into a stroller blanket. The colors are all stunning!

Like the whole idea of a footmuff, but want even more for your money? Try the Bag-O-Coat.Yes, we agree it's a silly name, but the concept is so brilliant. It's a footmuff bottom, with a top that has sleeves. Reach your destination? Snap them apart and your baby can wear the jacket. Einstein would be jealous!

So I know we called the Bag-O-Coat brilliant and it is, but the Doudoune totally rivals it. It's a sleeping bag (with arms) that turns into a snowsuit - yup from sack to legs.

Looking for a diaper bag that isn't so...babyish? Then you'll love the newest additions to 7 AM's offerings...the Roma bag and Polochon bag. The Romas comes in two sizes - big and bigger. Just kidding, medium and jumbo. Both are nice, big, roomy and the jumbo is great for travel with or without baby. The Polochon's gym bag-esque design is long and easy to access the items you need when hanging on your stroller handlebar.

As always, each item is part of a collection where you can purchase matching booties, hat and gloves for the baby.

7 AM Enfant is available in-store at NessaLee Baby and via NessaLeeBaby.com.