Many NessaLee customers don't know much about swaddling, so we're always happy to share the benefits of it and then let them make their decision. Below are our top 3 reasons to advocate it:

1. Research shows that swaddled babies will sleep longer stretches of time (woot woot!).

2. Statistics shows that correctly swaddled babies are less likely to become victims of SIDS because they sleep on their back (is there anything better than that?)

3. Logically, being tightly cuddled is going to feel like the womb, which is more comforting and also prevents the startle reflex that all infants have. Less startle means they will sleep sounder.

I'm a big lover of Aden + Anais. They're so soft , high quality and super easy to work with - a total registry must-have, but I do know that some parents have expressed they don't like the process of wrapping and unwrapping their babies during the night. If that's you, the Aden + Anais will still come in super handy for in the stroller, when out and about and countless times at home. However, you'll still need a swaddle. We found one that we give the NessaLee seal of approval to. It's called a Woombie.It looks like a pea-pod or peanut and zips up the front making in and out a breeze - even when exhausted! The fabric has a little stretch so unlike any other swaddle, the baby is free to move his arms. They're available in 3 different sizes, a bunch of colors, styles and even fabrics.

Since we got them in stock a few days ago, we sold out and immediately had to order more. If you're one of the customers who purchased them, we'd love to hear your review. Post it on our website and be immediately eligible to win a $50 gift card to NessaLee Baby!

Woombies are available in-store at NessaLee Baby and via