Just because you may not have heard of them until recently, don't be fooled. The folks at Mamas + Papas have a long and successful history in the baby biz. In the UK and Ireland they have their own company stores featuring thousands of items dreamt up and created by them. This family owned company decided to make the trip on over to the US earlier this year and with them they've brought quality and creativity!

Up until now, it was impossible to find a playmat that is both modern and entertaining for your little one. Mamas + Papas Stargaze is all that, plus totally awesome! It features a cushion that allows your baby to sit comfortably during tummy time, while playing with the unique toys built into the pad. Baby wants to lay on his back? No problem! Pull toys feature sounds while the one closed wall stimulates key senses with a light show. Purchase one of unique card packs in English, Spanish or French to add more excitement or plug in your own MP3 player if your little one prefers the sounds of Jay-Z.

If you're worried that the Card Packs you purchased won't get their money's worth - think again! Mamas + Papas has created an entire line of products around the packs. By transferring them between the products, a different part of that item is unlocked for your baby to discover. Another one of my favorites is the Galaxy, a crib mobile that converts to a crib toy and then a floor toy.

There's also a bouncer and rocker in the collection. Each is priced between $159 and $299 and the card packs are $29 each. Both the Stargaze and Galaxy are available to be added to your registry or pre-order now and will ship in December.

We also think you'll love their Mylo (Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani are fans) and Urbo (Isla Fischer is a fan) strollers. Both have different luxury features that not only will make your life easier, but also make the perfect accessory (well, aside from your beautiful baby of course).

Mamas + Papas is available in-store at NessaLee Baby and via NessaLeeBaby.com.