At NessaLee Baby we chose to add Dapple  to the items that we offer because we wanted to give parents peace of mind from the very beginning. If you know everything your child touches and puts in his mouth has been cleaned with natural-based ingredients, you know you're doing your best. One less thing to worry about, right? It also helps that the packaging is so cute. 

Want to try it out? Go for the Clean Up Kit. It includes Baby Bottle & Dish Liquid, Toy & Surface Cleaner Spray, Toy & Surface Cleaner Wipes and Travel Pack, plus a free cleaning cloth.

The Pacifier Wipes are also a great item to keep inside your diaper bag for all those drops on the floor when you're out and about.  You won't need to lick the dirty pacifier yourself - come on, you know you've done it (or at least strongly considered it).

Dapple products make a great Baby Shower gift and are available at NessaLee Baby and via