The very long awaited 4Moms Origami stroller will be making it's grand debut...very very soon. The bad news is that only a limited number are available and you won't be able to get it everywhere. The great news is that NessaLee Baby is a Launch Store, meaning you will be able to get it here! NessaLee Baby has been chosen as one of the exclusive retailers to receive the Origami almost 2 months before most stores.

On November 15th, NessaLee Baby will be debuting the Origami in store. You can come in to see a demo, but if you don't want to wait on a line, simply contact us to schedule a private appointment.

Like what you see? You can add it to your inventory or place an order to be delivered to you in 4 weeks. That's still 7 weeks before most retailers.Want to use your car seat? No problem! The Graco SnugRide adapter will also be available. In January you'll be able to purchase a candy colored insert to jazz up your high-tech stroller. If candy isn't your thing, have no fear - all black and silver will also be available.

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