A few months ago we got an email from Million Dollar Baby announcing that they'd be showcasing their brand new furniture line in September called Franklin & Ben. Like any baby furniture enthusiast, I immediately Googled in hopes to find some information about it. Unfortunately, their website, Twitter and Facebook turned up nothing. They were really keeping this one under wraps. The simple email created a ton of hype for us and we wondered if the collection would live up it.

I'm thrilled to say that the collection didn't just live up to the hype - it exceeded it! My immediate thought was that it was perfect for the customer who loves the style of Restoration Hardware. My second thought was that it was going to be expensive. Well, I was wrong. Very wrong. It's very affordable and well-made. The highlight for me was the Mason Collection. No wonder why I love it so much, it was dreamed up by furniture designer extraordinaire, Jennifer DeLonge. It's available in a Weathered Gray and a Rustic Brown, but was sampled in the Gray and totally drool worthy. The hardware is what made it go straight to my heart - I'm a sucker for cup draw pulls and how unexpected to see them on a crib! Ready for the crib price? $599...pretty fabulous, right? It's a 3 in 1 crib, meaning for that price you get crib, toddler bed and full size bed. WOAH. For storage there's a 6 drawer wide dresser or a tall dresser. Take your pick because both are $649. If you aren't in the market for crib furniture until January / February 2012 then place your order now and be the first to have it in your nursery.

Looking for another option? Jennifer DeLonge designed a second collection for Franklin & Ben. This one is called the Copley Collection. It has the same great features as the Mason and the same release date, but the crib is only $499. It's only available in antique walnut with navy blue which gives it a slightly more masculine, New England vibe, but equally as gorgeous. You also have two storage options for $649.

Franklin & Ben is available in-store at NessaLee Baby and via www.NessaLeeBaby.com. Interested in what else is new and notable from the Million Dollar Baby family? Check out our blog over the next few days to see Nurseryworks and BabyLetto.