We think we speak for all Bugaboo users when we say FINALLY. Yep, its here. Our friends over in Amsterdam have given in and finally made that snack tray you've been longing for. It will work on the Cameleon, the Frog and the Donkey. Don't worry Bee users. It won't be long until it adapts to fit your ride as well.

In typical Bugaboo fashion, even the snack tray is sleek and innovative. It attaches to the right side of the seat (if your sitting in the stroller) and pivots for easy in and out access for your toddler. The snack tray provides a compartment for snacks, the top pivots close to keep away unwanted critters and prevent Cheerio spills when not in use. When popped off to wash (yes, it's dishwasher safe), the remaining piece still functions as a cup holder.

Pre-order your snack tray today to make sure you get them in the very first delivery.

Bugaboo is available in-store at NessaLee Baby and via NessaLeeBaby.com.