Parents, moms and dads-to-be and stroller enthusiasts can finally get the answers to the question they've been wondering - what's next for Baby Jogger? Well, hold on to your seats because there's a lot of exciting updates to absorb.
The 2012 City Mini has had a color overhaul. By simply doing some color tweaks, the stroller (in both the single and the double) has a more modern and sleek feel. Black is now solid black with gray piping near the footrest to break up the color, the inside of the canopy is gray, giving baby something a little less dark to look at while laying down. The red, sand, green and purple now only feature two-toning on their canopies and piped around the footrest. As usual, there's a new color on the block - a gorgeous light blue with gray accenting on the canopy. It's such a pretty blue that it's going to be great for boy's or girls. The new City Minis won't be available until 2012 (between February and June) and will be $249.99 for the single and $449.99 for the double.

The new features are a direct answer to a lot of the things that City Mini owners expressed they want. The seat is 1" deeper, which will just add more comfort to the already super-comfy stroller. There is now an easy lock mechanism on the side of the stroller. It can easily be removed if it's something that parents find they don't want or need. Most important, the bar that goes across the lower rear of the stroller has been dipped down to give better access to the basket so storage is no longer a concern.

2012 Baby Jogger City Mini in Blue / Gray

2012 Baby Jogger City Mini Easy Access Basket
Then Baby Jogger listened and I mean REALLY listened. They scoured blogs, went to retailers, asked for customer feedback and took every single thing that was a "wish list" for the City Mini and created this new stroller: The City Mini GT. It's like a City Mini on steroids...or maybe just one that's been hitting the gym regularly. The Grand Tour will be available this spring. The wheels are forever air wheels -so no flats - not now, not ever and they're also bigger than the City Mini's tires with more tread to handle some additional terrains. It features a hand brake, has the same new easy access basket as the 2012 City Mini and the handlebar is adjustable the way that the City Elite's currently is. Everything else is pretty much the same as the City Mini, except the colors. The GT comes in 4 colors: Black / Shadow (fancy name for black and gray), Shadow / Green, Shadow / Orange and Shadow / Bamboo <--Another fancy name, but this one is for yellow. The single will be $349.99 and the double $579.99.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT in Shadow / Bamboo
Baby Jogger City Mini GT in Shadow / Orange

 The City Select won't be undergoing any changes because it just received its major overhaul last year. You will notice though that there's a new color. Bye bye to the Diamond white and hello Quartz. I thought I loved the Amethyst. Well, actually I do love the Amethyst, but I am currently cheating on that obsession with a new one for the Quartz. It's a stunning cross between a tan and gray that I would describe as taupe - except it really doesn't have any purple undertones at all, but if it did - that's what I would call it.
Baby Jogger City Select in Quartz (Grayish / Tan)

As if one new stroller wasn't totally enough, there's 2! The Baby Jogger City Versa is being released in spring 2012. It has a black frame, is available in 4 colors (black, green, silver and red) and features the same seat fabric as the City Select. Folding the stroller is a breeze - it can be done with one hand, no matter which direction the seat is facing. Yes, you read that correctly - the seat can face either way. It has a height adjustable handlebar and handbrake, larger canopy with 2 windows and an optional bassinet. Car seat adapters will also be available. For $449, anyone can be the proud owner of the Versa.
Baby Jogger City Versa in Green
Last, but certainly not the least is the City Elite. Now while we are sad to see the double go, we are super psyched to see the changes that have been made to the single. You can count on that same self-lock mechanism that the City Mini is getting, the easy access basket and an overall more modern look in 3 solid colors (black, red and sand) = no more stripe.

Baby Jogger is available in-store at NessaLee Baby and via To get in line for what's coming soon, send us an email with your contact info or stop by the store. You can pre-order your 2012 strollers starting next week or add them to your NessaLee Baby Registry.