Right around now our phones start ringing double the amount. Everyone wants to know if there are changes for the 2012 models of strollers. We've already told you what's to come from Baby Jogger, but we know many of you are waiting for the lowdown on UPPABaby, so here it is:

The Vista is the only item that will be getting a few changes and it won't debut until around February 2012 (estimated). The colors will be the same: Mica (Silver), Denny (Red), Cole (Blue), Lindsey (Wheat), Carlin (Green). Jake (Black) will now have a graphite black frame, as will the new color Drew (Tangerine), which is pictured below. The black frame is totally sleek and stylish. The way in which the front wheel locks in has changed, but it's not something that is going to be noticeable, nor something that was changed because it was a safety issue. The sun canopy on the seat is now able to slide along the frame of the seat to make the canopy higher for tall kids.  It will also make reclining the seat easier.  Last and most important are the two improvements to the included bassinet. It now features the ability to pull up the fabric on the back of the canopy where you will find mesh for ventilation. The bottom of the bassinet also has a flap for ventilation to keep it cooler on warm days.You can add the 2012 to your registry now or pre-order it.

If you absolutely must have the new Graphite frame and can't wait until February, you can order it now and you will receive it now, but for 2011 it is only available in Mica and there are a very limited number of these!

The price of the 2012 Vistas will be $699.99, but if the changes don't seem like a necessity to you, then you can save by ordering one of our 2011s now for only $629.99.

UPPABaby is available in-store at NessaLee Baby and via NessaLeeBaby.com. If you'd like to be notified when the new Vistas arrive or pre-order yours, contact us by phone or CS@NessaLee.com