It's no surprise that Britain's most stylish lady, who crossed the Ocean with her eye-candy husband to live the life in Los Angeles...has chosen a stroller brand that's also the "iCandy" of Britain and recently crossed over to the US. Confused much?

Victoria & David Beckham's 4th child and only little girl was born this weekend. Little Harper Seven (some love the name, others hate it - your thoughts?) likely hasn't even been released from the hospital yet, but the world knows what kind of stroller Mom has chosen. It's the new iCandy Peach in a custom created purple. Purple isn't an option for us regular shoppers, but something tells me that once Posh is spotted out and about with her lilac creation (and the little peanut) the demand will skyrocket and iCandy will give us all exactly what we want - Our very own purple Peach!

So now all we can do is wait...

The iCandy Peach is available in-store at NessaLee Baby and via