If NessaLee Baby went to the zoo what would she wear? Who would she bring? Most importantly what stroller would she choose?

For sure, NessaLee Baby would want to look stylish for her outing at the zoo. An American Apparel onesie and hat ensemble paired with cheetah-print legwarmers by Huggalugs she would choose. Of course she could also sport the adorable zookeeper onesie from Mini Shatsu for an authentic safari look. Either one would be great in our book.

If NessaLee Baby would bring a play date the obvious choice would be her best pal Sophie the Giraffe. For teething, or squeezing, or just because she's cute, Sophie would make a great impression with all the animals at the zoo too!

If NessaLee Baby wanted to take a break but still enjoy the sights at the zoo. The OrbitBaby Stroller Seat would give her the best view. With its 360 degree rotation abilities, the OrbitBaby Stroller System allows your stroller seat or car seat to face in any direction - a little something we like to call "Zoo Mode"- allowing a front row viewing section!

All of these products are available in-store at NessaLee Baby and via http://www.nessaleebaby.com/.

AuthorDani Elle