With the holiday season upon us, we know many of you will be traveling to see family and friends. Whether you are traveling by car or by plane, here are some tips from Orbit Baby:

1. Properly installing your car seat: Whether traveling with your own vehicle or installing the car seat into a rental car, make sure the car seat is properly leveled and does not move more than 1" at the belt path in any direction.

2. Properly securing your baby: Check the height of the child's harness to ensure it is correct for the height of your child.

3. Traveling on an airplane: Both the Orbit Baby Infant and Toddler Car Seats are approved for use on aircrafts, without the car seat base.

4. Thinking green: Bundle up with Orbit Baby's organic footmuffs. These exclusive footmuffs are crash tested in Orbit Baby car seats to meet all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

5. Crossing the border: The Orbit Baby Infant Car Seat G2 is the first seat to be cross-border approved for use in both the US and Canada, so you do not have to change seats at the border.

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AuthorDani Elle