There is a new stroller heading to the streets, well sort of. The famous Stokke Xplory just got a makeover and is preparing to make its debut this summer. So what's the hype? Read on...

The new stroller features the same awesome chassis (also known as the frame to the stroller). There are 6 new colors: Beige, Navy Blue, Red, Purple, Green and Blue. The major change structural change comes from the redesigned underseat bag. It is now larger, yay for holding more stuff, and has a zipper closure which keeps things in (another very good thing). The bag also fastens directly to the chassis, making it more stable. Moms will love the new deeper seat that gives added comfort to your precious cargo.

Additionally, the brake is now red making it easier to find in a hurry. There are also now 2 clips on the frame that are perfect to hang your diaper bag or shopping purchases from. We love small conveniences like these.

If you plan on using your Xplory stroller from birth then you know you will need the bassinet seat which has undergone some great changes. The fabric inside the bassinet, also known as the textile set, now comes in a new water resistant micro-fiber material, which is softer for your baby. The bassinet's canopy now has a mesh window that aids in increasing air flow. The canopy also has a visor and those additional 2 inches of shading can be used or tucked when you don't need it. It's perfect blocking out unwanted UV rays.

There is great news for current Xplory owners! If you want all the upgrades that the new model has to offer, you don't have to purchase a new stroller. Stokke designed it so that you can purchase just a new seat and your current accessories will fit right in ($399). The original parasol (umbrella) can be used with the new model as well, except now you do not need an adaptor. It will plug directly in! The new footmuff is larger and now made in a softer fabric and has a toggle/drawstring to create a snuggly cocoon around your baby, but if you don't want to purchase a new one, no worries - your original will fit.

Unfortunately, not everything will fit the original model, but if you're in the market for the entire stroller, then there are amazing pluses. Stokke has created a summer kit to fit the new model. The summer kit is specially designed to keep babies cool on hot days and protect them. The sides of the rear ventilated summer canopy open for additional air flow. The sun sail can be moved sideways to block exactly the way the sun is shining (think car visor). A terry cloth seat cover is great for absorbing sweat and staying cool. The sun sail, parasol and canopy are all SPF 50. Entire kit is $199 and is available in 3 great patterns.

Additionally, Stokke has created a stylish blanket that they call their "Celebrity Blanket". In addition to being soft and comfy, it's available in 2 beautiful stripe patterns that match the stroller colors exactly. It clips onto the stroller canopy so it won't fall of your child and on to the dirty floor. Major points for Stokke!

And as you know, the new Stokke Xplory is practical, chic and fashionable, so we had to make it available for you. Here at NessaLee Baby we will carry it for $1,259.99 and this even includes the carry cot!!!!

Check out the celebrity fans of Stokke below:

Tori Spelling with baby Liam

Heidi Klum and Seal with baby Leni

Minnie Driver with baby Henry

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