Through the years I have learned that quality people tend to hang out with people just like them. So when I got the call from Sanya and Aaron Ross about designing their son's nursery, they first told me that they were referred by Angela Simmons. I couldn’t get started fast enough! What’s better than a referral from one of your amazing clients?

The end result was an amazing experience and a nursery that I am proud to call one of my portfolio favorites. Here's some behind the scenes details about the process, photos and all of the product info.

One of the questions on my client questionnaire is whether they have a metal of choice. Gold and silver are the most popular (but I do hear everything from rose gold, to steel and everything in between). Well, this time, as soon as I asked it, I laughed at myself. With four Olympic gold medals and two super bowl rings between them, it should have been obvious to me. Palm to the face, Vanessa.

The planning process was seamless. Sanya is so energetic, fun and enthusiastic! Then we got to the installation. Austin was experiencing some unusually high rainfall. You’d think it would be no big deal, except the nursery was part of an addition that was being built from the ground up . This was a bit of a problem. My kids were off from school so all 4 of us were going to Austin to enjoy some family time in between work. I was worried the entire project was going to be postponed and we were already to close to Sanya’s due date. Well, somehow, someway, the rain stopped and we were on our way to Texas.

The Ross’ wanted a modern, serene and sophisticated nursery with cool grays and blues, complemented by unexpected gold. The very first thing they picked was the Nursery Works Novella crib and dresser in white. The design of this crib is one of my all-time favorites. I absolutely love the alternating thickness on the rails. I previously used it in nurseries in the walnut finish and was really looking forward to implementing the white into a design.

I wanted marble to be a focal in this room, so I started the search for a way to showcase it, but didn't want it to be just gray and white. I found the PERFECT marble print wallpaper by Murals Wallpaper. The wallpaper was originally going to cover the entire wall behind the crib, but as all designs go, there’s sometimes 11th hour mishaps, happy mistakes and changes. This was one of those. I'll let you guess which one. At the last minute I suggested we frame it out with molding to give it a more stylized look. Sanya was a little skeptical at first, but she ran it by her also super stylish mom who gave the idea her stamp of approval. Thanks Sanya's Mom!!!


The gorgeous blue covering the other walls of the nursery is a Grasscloth wallpaper by Walls Republic. I had the team paint the moldings in the room, including the doors and frame around the marble mural darker gray. It was the perfect way to glam up the space.

Clearly the electronic recliner by BabyLetto looks good and is a total Dad magnet because during installation Aaron hopped right in to check it out. Men and their gadgets!


The show stopping neon sign by Echo Neon Studio above the changer was a favorite of both parents. It took a super sophisticated design and added the fun factor.


Looking at the photos of the space, I believe that the area rug by Jaipur actually made it. My team and I tested out 6 different rugs in the design before committing to it and I'm so glad we did! I love the color and the modern geometric pattern, so much so that after the install I considered purchasing the same one for my own home.


The shades are by Best Home Fashion and the three cornices above them with silver nail heads trim are by The Shade Store.


The stylish knotted pillow and bumper are by JuJu & Jake. I chose gray and white for this project because they were a perfect match, but I am also completely obsessed with all of the other gorgeous colors these items are available in.


The legs on the crib and dresser are gold and the other two pieces in the room that tie that together are the round bookshelf from Land of Nod and the sunburst light fixture by Lamps Plus.


Mattress and Changing Pad by Nook. How perfect is the Misty Gray in this space?


Not pictured, but totally awesome – Custom Canvas Art by Jerry Titan Art

Usually on the day of photography, I am running around looking for florals and plants. They’re the kind of things that very few people ever truly have in a nursery, but are pretty necessary for a great photo. Sorry if this little insider info ruined your Instagram visions of all the fancifully floral homes. One night I was actually on Instagram and discovered the Roses in the box on the shelf by MLefuers and said “I need this for Every. Single. Nursery”. First, how stunning is that blue color? Second, they last up to a year. Think of all the late nights and early mornings spent in the nursery. While you try to be upbeat and excited while exhausted, sometimes it’s tough. Having pretty flowers definitely brightens the décor and mood. Plus, it makes for great photos 😊


The booked by Imm Living is inspired by Jeff Koons' famous Balloon Dogs.


Now I just hope these two have some more friends just like them!

All Photos by the super talented, Austin-based,i nteriors photographing guru, Andrea Calo


AuthorVanessa Antonelli