Two kids and three businesses makes for a very chaotic life. We are always rushing, never sleeping and usually living by the ding of our calendar notifications. I don’t need to tell you that though – no matter the job or child situation, everyone has their own level of mayhem in their lives and can likely relate. I envision you nodding your head at me right now. If you’re anything like me, when someone tells you about a trick or a new service that can save you time or aggravation, your ears perk up. Isn’t time the unicorn we are all searching for, and not the Starbucks kind. So, I admit I am totally guilty of receiving boxes at my front door on some days because ordering online is something I can do during naps or at unGodly hours when real stores are closed. BUT, owning a small business keeps me somewhat in check on that front. I remind myself each day that shopping in my own community, at independent stores when possible, is what keeps the community going and what makes it the type of place I want my children to grow up in. I also want to teach my children that there will always be a value to human interaction and being treated as an individual, rather than a number is important. There is no better way to do that than practicing what I preach.


My Reasons To Support Small Business

- The relationships you can build with the in-person interactions awards you tailored advice from people who are experts in their field. For example, you could go online and read every review about car seats or strollers, but when you step into NessaLee Baby, the sales associate asks you questions about your own life to match the product best to you. You also get to test them hands on. That is not something that could ever be done online. It saves you on time, aggravation, wasted money and disappointment. There are thousands of other types of businesses just like that where brick and mortar is simply better. Plus, if you try it somewhere, that’s where you should buy it as part of the whole be an appreciative and good person thing…

- When you shop local, those business owners tend to also use professionals like attorneys, sign fabricators, accountants etc in the community. This means the money is continuously flowing through multiple local families creating a healthier and stronger community.

- Non-profits receive a very large portion of their donations from local business owners. Think of those hometown events you go to where auctions baskets and gift cards are donated by small businesses, well it includes dollars too and that's how they keep going.

- The more you buy locally the less trucks and planes are running it to your front door and no one needs further explanation on what a difference that makes for the environment.

- If local businesses are not occupying the local real estate and they remain empty, it leads to the possibility that the owners of those buildings or centers may not be able to pay their property taxes or maintain the buildings. I definitely don’t want to live in an area that looks a decaying ghost town, plus that trickles down to my own property value.

- I can never assume that someone else will shop local and everything will be ok. That attitude tends to spread like a disease and before you know it...there could be no stores left.

Like I said in the beginning, I get it. Life is tough. Sometimes it seems easier to swipe your phone than get in your car. But, if you absolutely have to do that, consider finding out if your local businesses offer a click or call to pick up option. You may be surprised to find how many also deliver. With a toddler in my backseat who was screaming that we forgot her baby doll at home (Note: There were 3 other baby dolls IN the car. Just not the right one), I was so excited that my local independent coffee shop - shout out to Rook - let me call in my order and quickly pick it up.


AuthorVanessa Antonelli