I spend my days creating show-stopping, functional spaces for tiny humans, so it should be no surprise when I say that I love beautiful and stylish baby gear. Some people insist that playroom or nursery décor should be bright or primary colored for stimulation. I’m here to put that archaic notion into perspective. Even if you commit to not purchasing items for your child that are a Crayola explosion, someone will. It’s a fact. You can fight it, but likely will not succeed. My personal and professional experience says that friends and family are incredibly generous when it comes to gifts for little ones and  those gifts will usually rival a bag of Skittles – all over your home. You'll be "tasting the rainbow" with your eyes...all day long. Then of course, there are the books that I often talk about. Book are important in a child’s life, but they (along with their not so distant cousins, the stuffed animals) multiply at an alarming rate. Have you ever seen children's books? Bright and stimulating covers galore! With that in mind, I am a huge fan of creating clean and modern spaces and I don't think they have to be filled with colorful decor if you don't want it. So don’t stress it if your own style for decorating and for larger gear items is in the more neutral fam, despite the comments you may hear from others. Everyone has an opinion on parenting - right down to what YOUR house should look like. The only person you should listen to is you, well and me too since this is what I do. Your child will be fine with a more grown up or neutral backdrop and there will be plenty of opportunities for them to develop and see all the colors the world and their toys have to offer.

If you're looking to create a sophisticated and modern space for your little one, check out some of my favorite baby items that will seamlessly blend into the home you probably worked really hard to decorate and rest-assured, it is ok to want that.

1.     This ball pit is pretty much a playroom dream. Perfect size for the tiniest of tots and great for storing bigger kids toys and gear in the future. Misioo Handmade totally jives with me. Their products are actually offered in both neutrals and colors with sleek and sophisticated designs that may make you want to host every play date at your house.

2.  I don't know if my passion for acrylic will ever get old. I love how striking it looks in any space and also allows the pieces around it or in this case, on it, to really shine. This brand new book cart by BabyLetto is also priced right. I'm thinking I might need one...in my living room.    

3. During hurricane Sandy my family lost a home that was on the beach. The situation was horrible and stressful for so many reasons, but the silver lining was how much I enjoyed being able to start from scratch with the interior. The end result is a modern and beachy space with extremely hard tile on top of concrete. I needed a solution to soften it up for my on-the-go baby and in searching high and low, I discovered these interlocking playmats by Tadpoles. Safe for my baby and not painful on the grown-up eyes.

4. Black has finally gone mainstream for kids spaces and I couldn't be happier! Up until now it was so difficult to find a kids play table and chairs with black details without customizing it and that can get pricey. I love how this Little Seeds set is on the trend and priced well.

5. Those ginormous activity centers we buy for our kiddos when they can sit up have always offended my senses. The mama in me is so happy their little baby is playing and moving and having a good time. The designer in me dreams of shoving it in a closet. Now I don't need to have violent thoughts and my babies can still have a rockin' good time because of the Three Pears Bobbin. Is it weird that I kind of wish I could climb inside this thing and maybe work on my laptop or something?



AuthorVanessa Antonelli