Since my son was born 4 years ago, I’ve struggled with how to handle the world of social media and my children. I never posted a birth announcement or his newborn photos on Facebook, because I view the majority of my 600 'friends' more as acquaintances and figure those handful or so who are regularly in my life would hear and see it directly from me. Since then I've done a pretty good job keeping their full faces off of the internet. If you have followed me over the years, you now know it's intentional. I've even become that annoying parent politely asking other people not to post my kids on social media at birthday parties, playdates and school events. This is hard sometimes. Really hard. Social media is part of the norm for most people, so I usually get the side eye.

As someone whose career is in the baby industry, I realize it’s a little strange considering these little people are the ones who give me so much of my inspiration, opinions and ultimately are responsible for the first hand advice I dispense. I’m constantly talking about products I use with my children and showing pictures and videos of them in use in my daily life and travels.  In no way am I judging people who choose to post their children on public accounts. Each family has to do what’s right for them.  I personally feel like it’s not my decision to expose my children's faces to the world because I worry it could somehow make it more difficult for them as they grow into adults. With the way the world is constantly changing and social media is evolving, I’m just not sure and don't want to make the wrong decision. Plus I often wonder that if I were to post something, whose benefit would that be for? I would get a lot of likes and feel good about my offspring or adorable clothing choices for them, but I'm not sure it benefits them in any way. Is it my decision to make for them? Once I put them out there, I can’t take it back and that's why I've been so cautious with it. The same lesson I want to teach them as they get older, is one I have to remind myself over and over on their behalf: Be careful what you post on the internet.

Sometimes I think it makes it more difficult to elevate my public persona in my industry, but I’m a mom first. My kids will always be my first priority and I choose them over me. For now I will continue to keep them out of the spotlight and share those full face photos via email or text with loved ones.

Maybe down the road things will change. Maybe I'll realize I was being a little crazy or overly cautious, but until then, all you’ll see is sides and backs of heads.   

Is this something anyone else has struggled with?



AuthorVanessa Antonelli