I spend my days creating show-stopping, functional spaces for tiny humans, so it should be no surprise when I say that I love beautiful and stylish baby gear. Some people insist that playroom or nursery décor should be bright or primary colored for stimulation. I’m here to put that archaic notion into perspective. Even if you commit to not purchasing items for your child that are a Crayola explosion, someone will. It’s a fact. You can fight it, but likely will not succeed. My personal and professional experience says that friends and family are incredibly generous when it comes to gifts for little ones and  those gifts will usually rival a bag of Skittles – all over your home. You'll be "tasting the rainbow" with your eyes...all day long. Then of course, there are the books that I often talk about. Book are important in a child’s life, but they (along with their not so distant cousins, the stuffed animals) multiply at an alarming rate. Have you ever seen children's books? Bright and stimulating covers galore! With that in mind, I am a huge fan of creating clean and modern spaces and I don't think they have to be filled with colorful decor if you don't want it. So don’t stress it if your own style for decorating and for larger gear items is in the more neutral fam, despite the comments you may hear from others. Everyone has an opinion on parenting - right down to what YOUR house should look like. The only person you should listen to is you, well and me too since this is what I do. Your child will be fine with a more grown up or neutral backdrop and there will be plenty of opportunities for them to develop and see all the colors the world and their toys have to offer.

If you're looking to create a sophisticated and modern space for your little one, check out some of my favorite baby items that will seamlessly blend into the home you probably worked really hard to decorate and rest-assured, it is ok to want that.

1.     This ball pit is pretty much a playroom dream. Perfect size for the tiniest of tots and great for storing bigger kids toys and gear in the future. Misioo Handmade totally jives with me. Their products are actually offered in both neutrals and colors with sleek and sophisticated designs that may make you want to host every play date at your house.

2.  I don't know if my passion for acrylic will ever get old. I love how striking it looks in any space and also allows the pieces around it or in this case, on it, to really shine. This brand new book cart by BabyLetto is also priced right. I'm thinking I might need one...in my living room.    

3. During hurricane Sandy my family lost a home that was on the beach. The situation was horrible and stressful for so many reasons, but the silver lining was how much I enjoyed being able to start from scratch with the interior. The end result is a modern and beachy space with extremely hard tile on top of concrete. I needed a solution to soften it up for my on-the-go baby and in searching high and low, I discovered these interlocking playmats by Tadpoles. Safe for my baby and not painful on the grown-up eyes.

4. Black has finally gone mainstream for kids spaces and I couldn't be happier! Up until now it was so difficult to find a kids play table and chairs with black details without customizing it and that can get pricey. I love how this Little Seeds set is on the trend and priced well.

5. Those ginormous activity centers we buy for our kiddos when they can sit up have always offended my senses. The mama in me is so happy their little baby is playing and moving and having a good time. The designer in me dreams of shoving it in a closet. Now I don't need to have violent thoughts and my babies can still have a rockin' good time because of the Three Pears Bobbin. Is it weird that I kind of wish I could climb inside this thing and maybe work on my laptop or something?



AuthorVanessa Antonelli

Right after I graduated from college I was completely fascinated by the then emerging world of e-commerce. If you've read my history then you know it all began with a pair of Uggs, while waiting on line at a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (if not, that's a story for another day). From there I became an online selling machine, sourcing the latest and greatest in “as seen on” celebrity clothing and accessories. What most people don’t know is that the very beginning of my career started with an adorable home office in my basement. If we were in the Pinterest or Instagram era, it would have made for lots of shares and likes.

I used to wake up each morning, get showered and dressed, have breakfast and “go to work” for the day. It was a very structured routine for me, despite the fact that I was only two flights of stairs from my bed. What I didn’t know at that time, but found out years later, was that I was the running joke in my family. They thought it was hilarious that I would put on makeup, do my hair and wear nice shoes and jewelry to work in a home office. My parents would say, “Vanessa puts on her pearls to go to the basement” in reference to my large collection of statement necklaces. I was and still am a big believer in dressing the part and that obviously includes accessories (duh mom and dad!).


While my days of working in a basement are long gone, one thing has not changed – my necklaces! I don’t actually wear pearls, but the idea of "putting on my pearls" with most outfits is going strong. Even on some of my most casual days in t-shirts and plaids, I can often be seen sporting a statement necklace. Years later and a mom now, wearing a statement necklace when I'm dressed down is also one of my tricks to make me feel prettier, pulled together and more like my younger basement working self.

Here are my top 5 current picks for statement necklaces:

AuthorVanessa Antonelli

Throughout my career, I've worked with different celebrities on their nurseries, playrooms and kid spaces. I don't approach those projects any differently than I do for a client who isn't famous. After all, celebrities are just like us, right?

Well, this time around that thought didn't hold true. My beautiful client Lacey Chabert, who is best known for her role on Party of Five and as Gretchen Weiners in the iconic Mean Girls, is nothing like anyone else I have experienced in my career or maybe in life in general. She's the sweetest, kindest, nicest and just an all around exceptional person.

During the installation of her daughter's nursery, some things didn't go exactly as planned. While on location, I needed to call in for reinforcements: my husband. So with him came my 4-year old son and 11-month daughter. The gangs all here...in the middle of Lacey's home. While we worked, Lacey carried my daughter around and prepared snacks and drinks for my son in front of her tv. Clearly an amazing mom in the making.

Lacey's parents have 4 grandsons, so there was even extra excitement surrounding the birth of the family's first baby girl. Lacey knew she wanted this room to embrace that and for there to be no question when you look at it - it belongs to a girl. 

We started with the wallpaper by Tempaper. Though it's a very filled pattern, it's still soft and the colors are inviting and set the tone for the rest of the space. From there the entire design quickly progressed.

The gray moldings and silver nailhead trim around the top and bottom of the entire room made it less shabby chic and a little more updated and modern.

The molding around the frames on the focal wall gave the wall extra dimension and was easily achieved by going to my favorite glam makers - the gals at MyOverlays. 

The macaroon, perfume bottle and cotton candy artwork by Lezlee Elliot are so sweet and the stark white frames added the perfect pop of brightness to the monochromatic wall / molding combo.

The crib and dresser are by Franklin & Ben. The upholstered Everly crib is paired with the Amelia dresser in the same distressed white finish.

The sophisticated faux fur acrylic stool by Best Home Fashion doubles as an ottoman and is one of those pieces that most people have looked at and said, "I need that" usually with no care about where they'd actually put it. It's that cute.

The beautiful bedding, drapes, pillows and purple ruffled blanket were made by Bella Notte linens. If you're in love with it, but aren't in the market for baby items - they have a full range for adults as well.

Lacey's little girl definitely won't be at a loss for gorgeous blankets. The gray cable knit is by Butterscotch Blankees and the cream cashmere with the pink moon is by One Moon.

The versatile mirror above the changing pad is from Target because even us designers love practical

The mattress and changing pad are both by Nook Sleep and those adorable plush guys, pouf, unicorn and pink wall mirrors are from Land of Nod.

The silver chandelier gives the room some extra girlie glam and the furry gray rug by Rugs USA adds an additional texture and warmth to the space.

Lacey wanted to see the crib without the bumpers because that is how it will look once the baby is sleeping in the crib. For now while guests are visiting and she's showing off her nursery, the velvet bumpers will be a show piece.


The comfy glider is by Delta Children and that knit pink blanket is courtesy of Lacey's own grandmother.

Lacey's daughter's name is Julia and she didn't want it to be a focal of the room. The beautiful yarn wrapped J handmade by Aaliyah's Letters is a perfect match in style and scale. It sits inside the pink floral mirror. It wasn't in the first set of photos because the baby's name was a secret before she was born.

How adorbs is the wooden doll stroller by Haba? This time next year, it'll be a big hit with Julia, for sure!

When Christine Farah is taking the photos I always emerge from behind the scenes knowing somehow, someway, her magic eyes will see me through her lens looking far lovelier than I do and click so I have something to post showing I actually exist. Thank you Christine for being the best photographer ever!

AuthorVanessa Antonelli

As a designer, I'd like to think each project is better than the last and when you look at your portfolio over the course of your career, you see the evolution. The problem is, I'm not sure if in the world of nurseries it can really get much better than this floral perfection. Sometimes things just come together in a perfect way and work better than you dreamed - this is one of those times. 

If you're trying to figure out what is going on on that wall, let me help you out. There are FOUR THOUSAND hand made flowers by The Flower Wall Company. Recently people said to me, "That's so cute, did you choose roses because Ali was The Bachelorette?" It probably isn't as newsworthy, but the answer to that is absolutely not. It actually never occurred to me and probably should have. I was focused on designing a room that Ali and Kevin would love for their baby girl and thought the flowers would be visually spectacular. The wall is made of different sections mounted on a grid, so it's extremely safe. Before you chime in - I've seen your comments on Instagram and Facebook already, so I know the burning question, "How do you clean that?" Grab that long skinny vacuum attachment, pop it on and dust it over the flowers. Clean and dust-free in seconds. Yup, that's what that attachment can be used for.

The room was originally a guest room, so after creating the design, I decided the existing closet felt like it was better for short term overnight guests and could be improved upon for full time usage and of course, beautified. I called my friend Lisa Adams at LA Closet Design because...the baby girl needed a closet to match her room! If you have never heard of Lisa, then you must not have a lot of shoes because she isa wizard. Seriously, the closet version of Harry Potter and women like me dream of what her skills could do for their storage and happiness each morning. On the wall is a rose gold mirror, the hardware on each drawer is little bunnies and those acrylic rods go perfectly with the acrylic details in the room.

To the left of the closet is one of the most personal details in the room. Petal Lane (one of my favorite family-owned companies) created artwork for the space. The center piece says "ENDURE" which is something that Ali's late grandmother would say and it's written in her handwriting. It's the personal details in each room that make them truly special for their little inhabitants.

Hello, Gorgeous Crib. When Ali and I first met she told me that she wanted a crib with a high back. We had already agreed on the flower wall and I was very concerned that a convertible crib would cover too much and take away from the wall. So, I went to the drawing board in search of something that would properly fit the design, but make the parents-to-be happy. Immediately I remembered the New York crib by Romina Furniture. Romina is like the Chanel of baby furniture. Impeccable quality, reputation and design. The problem was that the crib on its own was way too mid century and not enough girlie, cotton candy, lullabies goodness. So, I kindly asked the good folks at Romina if they could put some tufted upholstery on the sides of the crib. The end result was exactly what the room needed. It turned out so well that you can now purchase this style crib in any of their many colors with upholstery. They really should call it The Vanessa. Just saying...


If you have to ask what mattress that is, then you must be new to my designs. Where there's a nursery, there's a Nook. Nook Sleep is what I use in both of my kids rooms and I recommend it to anyone who will listen and probably some who are trying to escape me as well.

The custom bumpers, drapes and crib skirt are all by Carousel Designs. I love being able to perfectly match bedding and window fabric and they have so many options. Please keep in mind that Ali's baby is sleeping in a Halo Bassinest for the first few months so the nursery is for show at the moment. Once she is ready to transition to the crib they will speak with their pediatrician about the bumpers.

Most nurseries have a lot of "stuff" in them and that "stuff" tends to swallow up the space quickly, so my best friend is acrylic. Utilizing pieces in clear makes the room feel less crowded. The airy little trick worked perfectly in Ali's nursery. Both the bookcase by Land Of Nod and side table by LexMod are acrylic.

The blanket on the chair is striped and by Butterscotch Blankees. I love how you can put the baby's name, initials or monogram on their blankets. I put one in many of my designs because they are useful and look amazing placed in the room as well.

Since the floor is hardwood, Ali wanted a comfy and soft rug for her baby girl to play on, but still something easy to clean. I was drawn to this rug from Rugs USA because of the simple and subtle gray lines that complemented the space. Sometimes rugs can become the focal and it was important to find one that didn't mind being a supporting cast member :-)

How cute are those little blocks? I love the way you can choose your colors and letters. Ali & Kevin got both Mookie (her nickname) and Molly for when she was born. They're by Crafted Pine Company.  They make some other great items that are also nursery-friendly and unique and they are small and independently owned. Things made with love are my favorite to include in nursery designs!

This is probably the best photo for you to see the wallpaper by Graham & Brown. It's white textured and speckled with silver and on every wall (except the Flower Wall). It's pretty much the prettiest wallpaper ever in person.

I have a lot of favorites in this room. In fact, when I talk about them, I probably sound extremely repetitive and lacking diversified adjectives. For some reason everything comes out as cute and beautiful. Below is "beautiful". I have LOVED Blueberry Glitter's custom artwork for so long, so when this room started to come together, she was the first artist that came to my mind. I gave her the colors to use, but not much more direction than that. I believe that trusting an artist to do their own thing leads to the best results.

The stunning dresser below is another A-MAZ-ING Romina Furniture creation. I love how this dresser has a clean, modern, squared off design but the finishes can transform the overall look. The drawer fronts are scraped with flecks of metallic in the paint and those knobs are T.D.F.

Nook doesn't offer a Blush Lily Pad playmat as a standard choice, but with enough begging, I was able to score one as a finishing touch for Ali's nursery. And look, there's more acrylic. It's a play gym (also by Land of Nod) sitting on top with handmade toys, that are perfection by August Lace Designs. August Lace also makes a really cool play gym. It was not the right fit for the colors of this room, but it's definitely going into my mental tool box.

When I first saw the swatch by Best Home Furnishings that is on the glider and ottoman, I knew I needed to find a room to put it in. I do that often. I fall in love with fabrics, swatches or items and sometimes are inspired to build a room around them.

Everyone loves a furry anything. This room totally called for a pillow to tie it all together. I found this one from Odd Little Birdie and loved the size and color.

One of the hardest parts about designing a room is that I get attached to it. Seeing it come to life is extremely exciting and watching the people who the room belongs to fall in love with it makes me so happy. At the end though, it's almost hard to leave. It's what I imagine it would feel like to be a surrogate. Or maybe not at all since they are rooms filled with stuff and that's a real tiny living human - it's not at all the same, but you know what I mean.

The person who is able to capture the work for me, making it a little easier to leave and a whole lot easier to share with all of you is the incredible talented Christine Farah. She has a way of looking through the lens and not only capturing it, but making it look magical.

Since Ali & Kevin planned to use a Halo Bassinest for the first few months with Molly, the nursery is going to initially be more of a showpiece. Guests coming to visit will undoubtedly want to see the new baby's room, so it was set up like you saw above. However, once they feel Molly is ready to sleep in her crib, Ali & Kevin plan to speak with their pediatrician to make the decision on whether the bumpers stay or go. So the photos below were taken to show you what the crib will look like bumperless and I think we can all agree it's still amazing! The simplicity of the white crib skirt with 1 blush stripe by Carousel Bedding really lets the wall shine.

It was wonderful working with these two adorable lovebirds. I loved seeing glimpses of their relationship while setting up the room. They really take care of each other and listen to one another. Molly is lucky to get such a great team as her parents and I was lucky to work with them!

You can get more details about the room and see some of my other projects on Houzz. Follow me on Instagram and Snapchat at TheNessaLee for a behind the scenes look at what I am working on.

AuthorVanessa Antonelli

If you follow me in other places, then you know that I am the broken record of the baby industry when it comes to telling people to travel with their kids. I love sharing my family’s adventures, tips and the gear that made it all easier in hopes that it will help other families have even more enjoyable family travels.

A Pipa, Voyage Bag and Bee all walked into an airport...

A Pipa, Voyage Bag and Bee all walked into an airport...

I was in Los Angeles for work recently and decided to bring the entire family. Even me, the family travel pusher, thought this was ambitious because during the days my husband had both kids and we spent the evenings together. I have to give him a public hug for this one because all of us know that spending the entire day with kids can be incredibly difficult at home. Now throw in a hotel room and less toys than they're used to and it can get crazier. But, he did it, didn't complain and the kids had an amazing time. As usual, I consider myself incredibly lucky.

Part of the reason why I have so many different strollers and gear items is so I can test them myself in real-life situations. That gives me the ability to talk about the products first-hand to help customers make the absolute best educated decision for their own lifestyle.

Earlier this year on a family beach trip. My favorite of our strollers for the beach is always the Cameleon 3.

Earlier this year on a family beach trip. My favorite of our strollers for the beach is always the Cameleon 3.

Over the years we usually take our Bugaboo Cameleon or Orbit G3 on trips. Between the ages of 2 and 3, we used a Mamas & Papas Armadillo stroller for our son when we traveled. Our daughter is only a year and we absolutely love all 3 of the above strollers, but we wanted to try something new. Plus, if I’m being completely honest – I straight up had to have the Diesel Rock Studded Bugaboo Bee3. I seriously coveted it the way I would an amazing purse or shoes. I'm just happy I have a child of stroller age because I'd look pretty silly pushing nothing around town.

And THAT is why I had to have it. Even Mr NessaLee calls it "hot".

And THAT is why I had to have it. Even Mr NessaLee calls it "hot".

Clearly my obsession with the aesthetic is not unusual because over the course of the week, 5 different people stopped us to ask about the stroller and wondered if it was custom.

My first experience with the Bee 3 was great! It is incredibly easy to open, close and put in and out of the car. Our Nuna Pipa snapped on with the adapters without a hitch. There was plenty of storage in the basket and as long as the baby was in the stroller, the bag hung well on the handlebar without tipping. Since our diaper bags are packed to the max, we're those dingbats that take our kids out and as we lift, the stroller flips eliciting shrieks of panic from passerbys, until they realize the baby is in our arms.

My daughter loved how upright she was able to sit and the fact that she could see everything with the more open sides. The Comfort Wheeled Board snapped on and off with ease for my son when his little legs got tired.

We have the Bugaboo Comfort Transport Bag for our Cameleon 3, but we wanted to try the lighter and smaller Compact Travel Bag for the Bee3. When I travel again by plane, I’ll take the Comfort Transport bag instead. In the airport we like to put the car seat on the stroller and put the seat in the bag. When we get to the gate we put the frame inside, check it and bring our car seat on board. The Compact Travel Bag is not structured (so it definitely cannot be luggage checked) and it also does not have its own wheels (it uses the stroller wheels when the frame is in the bag) and it isn’t a backpack. So going through the airport was somewhat challenging for us since it just had to be carried. The Comfort Transport Bag has its own wheels, is more padded and structured, so it makes more sense for the way that we travel. If you are deciding which to purchase, consider what your trips will look like before making that decision.

How does this stroller look on me?

How does this stroller look on me?

Something I love about Bugaboo is that they have an accessory for every situation that you could possible need or want. You can see we have not 1, but 2 cup holders on both of our strollers. We're also huge fans of the mosquito net (not shown in our photos) - for bug protection and to keep nosy strangers at bay.

Wherever your family adventures take you, I hope they are all safe, happy, fun and of course, in style.



AuthorVanessa Antonelli

If you’re looking to create a fun, on -point nursery, but want it to feel fresh and new – ditch the overused trends and check out the below for some tips on what’s up and coming.

1.      Zoo Animals. I get it, animals are always going to be a thing when it comes to kids. But, I think we’ve all seen enough Zebras, Elephants and Giraffes to last a lifetime.

Still want to add some 4-legged friends to the design? Try some new pals like dogs, horses and polar bears to change it up a little.

Photo: Lauren Rubinstein

Photo: Lauren Rubinstein

2.      Wood walls in the nursery – I won’t lie, I still love them. Heck, when it comes to nurseries, I practically invented them, but so many copycats over the last 2 years have really worn out this trend’s welcome.

Photo: Ricky Stern Photography Room: Vanessa Antonelli

Photo: Ricky Stern Photography Room: Vanessa Antonelli

If you want an impactful focal wall try one of the newcomers: flowers, mirrors, glitter (yes a whole wall of it in paint!), metallics, astro turf or faux moss.

3.      Streamers and garland. I’m not entirely sure I ever really understood what they were doing in the nursery, but a lot of people clearly felt they belonged (take a quick tour of Pinterest if you don’t believe me). I’d like to be responsible for kicking this bizarre trend to the curb. Save it for a birthday party!

If you’re looking for whimsy bring in some unicorns, cotton candy or even pineapples. They’re fun and fabulous and don’t belong on a piñata.

Pineapple wallpaper

Pineapple wallpaper

4.      Not every nursery needs a white tiny faux fur flokati rug. It’s like that episode of Oprah where she gave cars to everyone, “A mini animal rug for everyone!”.

Looking to bring warmth or texture to a space? Layer curtains, bring in fabrics elsewhere like velvet, cable knit, or tulle. Still dreaming of fur? Try a throw blanket, stool or chair pillow.

Photo: Handy Little Me

Photo: Handy Little Me

AuthorVanessa Antonelli

Since my son was born 4 years ago, I’ve struggled with how to handle the world of social media and my children. I never posted a birth announcement or his newborn photos on Facebook, because I view the majority of my 600 'friends' more as acquaintances and figure those handful or so who are regularly in my life would hear and see it directly from me. Since then I've done a pretty good job keeping their full faces off of the internet. If you have followed me over the years, you now know it's intentional. I've even become that annoying parent politely asking other people not to post my kids on social media at birthday parties, playdates and school events. This is hard sometimes. Really hard. Social media is part of the norm for most people, so I usually get the side eye.

As someone whose career is in the baby industry, I realize it’s a little strange considering these little people are the ones who give me so much of my inspiration, opinions and ultimately are responsible for the first hand advice I dispense. I’m constantly talking about products I use with my children and showing pictures and videos of them in use in my daily life and travels.  In no way am I judging people who choose to post their children on public accounts. Each family has to do what’s right for them.  I personally feel like it’s not my decision to expose my children's faces to the world because I worry it could somehow make it more difficult for them as they grow into adults. With the way the world is constantly changing and social media is evolving, I’m just not sure and don't want to make the wrong decision. Plus I often wonder that if I were to post something, whose benefit would that be for? I would get a lot of likes and feel good about my offspring or adorable clothing choices for them, but I'm not sure it benefits them in any way. Is it my decision to make for them? Once I put them out there, I can’t take it back and that's why I've been so cautious with it. The same lesson I want to teach them as they get older, is one I have to remind myself over and over on their behalf: Be careful what you post on the internet.

Sometimes I think it makes it more difficult to elevate my public persona in my industry, but I’m a mom first. My kids will always be my first priority and I choose them over me. For now I will continue to keep them out of the spotlight and share those full face photos via email or text with loved ones.

Maybe down the road things will change. Maybe I'll realize I was being a little crazy or overly cautious, but until then, all you’ll see is sides and backs of heads.   

Is this something anyone else has struggled with?



AuthorVanessa Antonelli
 Check out all of the celebri-kids and babies that love Nook in their rooms! Nook is a NLB favorite because of its, soft plushy feel, water resistant feature, modern design and organic properties.

Kendra Wilkinson chose a Cloud White full size mattress for Hank Junior and a beautiful pale yellow custom color mattress for baby Alijah

Kourtney Kardashian's Nook in cloud is ready for her third baby (that's a doll shown in it)

Spotted: Ashley and JP's changing pad in Misty Gray for baby boy Fordham
and a changing pad in Danielle and Kevin Jonas's navy and white playroom for daughter Alena

Rosie Pope's mixture of gold and a soft pink color is the perfect color combination for baby girl Bridget

Tori Spelling with husband Dean and the cute little munchkin Finn pose for a perfect picture in this bold giraffe themed nursery. The mattress and changing pad featured in the color Poppy really finish the look of this nursery.

Nook is available for purchase at NessaLee Baby stores or online at NessaLeeBaby.com 

When Gwen Stefani isn't judging people on their singing ability, she is showing off her cool mom skills while out with her boys in Cali. The trio was seen taking a trip to Toys 'R' Us and while Kingston was goofing around mom was looking stylish while wearing baby Apollo in her Ergobaby 360 carrier. This multiple position carrier allows mom to be hands free while still keeping baby close!

The Ergobaby 360 Carrier is available at NessaLee Baby or online at www.NessaLeeBaby.com
The Kardashian/West Krew have been spotted repeatedly pushing the Mama's and Papa's Urbo2. Hailing from the UK, the Urbo2 has a chrome frame with a leather handle and bumper bar that will match dad's (Kanye) pants any day of the week. Sleek, stylish and comfy with a full flat recline. Do you really expect anything less for beautiful baby North?

The Urbo2 and all Mama's & Papa's products can be purchased in-store, at NessaLee Baby or online at NessaLeeBaby.com.

Mamas + Papas did it again. At the 2014 ABC Kids Expo they gave us the scoop on the newest member of the Armadillo family. Introducing The Armadillo Flip. It has a reversible seat and can be folded with the seat in either direction. Also, let's not forget the super-sized canopy, huge basket and awesome fabric. It doesn't get better than this folks...it just doesn't. Check out our YouTube video for the full scoop. Call us to Pre-order your Armadillo flip today, which will be arriving in November for $499 ($599 for XT Model).


All Mamas + Papas can be purchased in-store or online at www.NessaLeeBaby.com
At the 2014 Kids Expo Nuna showed a prototype of yet another amazing accessory. The Nuna Wind attachment for your Leaf will keep your baby moving without your help! Going and going and going. Nuna = Winning. Coming Spring / Summer 2015! Call us 732-431-0008 or email cs@nessalee.com to be on the waiting list now. 


                       All Nuna Products can be purchased in-store or online at www.NessaLeeBaby.com
At the ABC Kids Expo 2014 there were lots and lots of amazing furniture released. But one collection that graced our presence really caught our eye. Introducing the Bingo Collection by Babyletto. This stunning collection is available in 3 different color combos. White with washed, Natural with Mint, and White with washed Natural. Amazing colors and extra storage? Loves it.

The Bingo Collection and all Babyletto products are available in-store at NessaLeeBaby and online at www.NessaLeeBaby.com
Jenna Bush revealed baby Mila's NY nursery and we are excited to see she shares our love for one of the most stylish and comfy Recliner Gliders out there. The Jennifer Delonge Wing Recliner Glider! Seen here looking absolutely stunning in Aqua Velvet. *insert heart eyes emoji*  Want to see it and all Jennifer Delonge swatches in person? Visit our Livingston location today!

The Wing Recliner Glider and all of Jennifer Delonge products can be purchased in-store at NessaLee Baby and online at www.NessaLeeBaby.com

This beautiful brand new swivel glider was released at the 2014 ABC Kids Expo. The Babyletto Trapeze is classy and chic enough for any room in your home, but made with babies in mind. And at $499 it's a sure bet. Available in a soft gray or cream fabric. 

The Trapeze Glider and all of the Babyletto collections can be purchased in-store at NessaLeeBaby or online at www.NessaLeeBaby.com
Rich navy is so on trend right now in design and that includes nurseries. So, it is very exciting that Nook Sleep systems introduced the Pacific Blue at the 2014 ABC Kids Expo. As if our favorite mattress line up couldn't get any better. Oh wait it can... it's available now. Drool. The Pebble Pure mattress, Niche feeding pillow and Lily Pad play mat are all available in Pacific Blue.
All of Nook Sleep Systems is available in-store for purchase at NessaLee Baby or online at www.NessaLeeBaby.com
At 10pm EST last night Bugaboo introduced the Bugaboo Runner! And naturally, who was there to see it first? NLB! There's even a video to prove it HERE. The Bugaboo Runner frame will work with ANY of your Bugaboo Stroller seats (if you currently own a Bugaboo) or you can buy it as a full system with a seat.  Air filled tires, incredible suspension with tremendous attention paid to the push and super light for its class. Available Spring 2015. You can be added to the waiting list for notification now.

The Bugaboo Runner and all Bugaboo products can be purchased in-store at NessaLee Baby or online at www.NessaLeeBaby.com

Who says stylish baby items can't be useful? Our top portable bassinet just got better! The BabyHome Dream Bassinet now has a cousin called the "Air". This version will have magnetic ventilation windows, as well as an included changer accessory included! Lightweight, stylish & great to use in home or while traveling! Available soon!

The New BabyHome Air and all BabyHome Products can be found in-store at NessaLee Baby or online at www.NessaLeeBaby.com

YES! We are so excited for this Game Changer Alert! At the 2014 ABC Kids Expo, One of our all time fave brands, Clek, revealed that they are coming out with an infant insert for the Fllo and the Foonf! Now, you can use your Clek convertible car seat from as little as 5 lbs. ummmm, amazing. Head Insert is adjustable to grow with your child! It's available in December so get your pre-order at NessaLee Baby in now! 

All Clek products are available for purchase in-store at NessaLee Baby or online at www.NessaLeeBaby.com